Customer data platform mParticle has released details around new APIs, platform features and identity aliasing that aims to deliver improved data accuracy and control. Included in the updates is a user aliasing API for managing and merging customer profiles, updates to the security of mParticle’s SDK, and a Google Tag Manager integration. 

Why we should care

Many marketers have been stumped by how to treat unknown user data for years. This new API could enable marketers to see the entire customer journey, which would provide key performance insights from bringing the “anonymous user” data into a customer profile for visibility into every touchpoint, end-to-end. 

In order to understand a full customer lifecycle, we need to also know how to treat “anonymous users” – like when the customer is logged out of your website. In order to manage that data, mParticle’s new user aliasing API  will allow users to automate the process of merging “anonymous users” data into customer profiles. Tying in the new data set could help marketers develop a more complete customer profile, inching them closer towards the 360 view.

More on the news:

  • New self hosting and bundler support was also launched for developers working in mParticle’s SDK.
  • mParticle also announced the release of its integration with Google Tag Manager, which will allow marketers more freedom when it comes to updating web tags and pixels and how to securely map the web data collected.

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