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Product Disrupt

Jul 18



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Dribbble shots that made it to the list of best UI for Jul 2019.

Minimal & Creative Design — Web Development Agency — Home Page by Lucian Tudorache

Tunefox by Jaromir Kveton for Soulmates

Articulate 360: Tour by Luisa Mancera for Ueno

Qonto by Barthelemy Chalvet for Qonto

Restaurant Dashboard by Julia Jakubiak for Fireart Studio

Behance projects that made it to the list of best UI for Jul 2019.

Pleo — A company card that works for you by Prakhar Neel Sharma

NakedGroove: Online Music Streaming Platform by Tom Koszyk, Mateusz Piątek & Kuba Karas for Hologram Design

LiquidPro UI Kit — Free Download by Stanislav Hristov for Dtail Studio

Shopping made personal — IKEA online experience concept by Michal Parulski, Mateusz Czajka, Pawel Kontek, Jarek Ceborski, Łukasz Pachytel, Toto Castiglione & Anna Klawikowska for Netguru Team

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