A subset of demos from creators online

Sander Smeekes

Figma announced yesterday that they will be launching Figma Plugins on August 1st. Personally it was one of the few things I really missed when I switched from Sketch to Figma and i’m very excited to use it in the near future. Figma will be live streaming the announcement and present demos from upcoming plugins.

The Figma team was in Amsterdam two weeks ago to tell more about Plugins at their meet-up located in the Adyen office. After seeing some live demos I got excited and did some research online. I have collected 10 examples below from creators that are working on plugins.

#1 Create and apply themes from your libraries

by Thomas Lowry

Probably the one which i’m the most excited about. This plugin seems to be able to create themes and apply them to different libraries and make it easy to swap between themes.

#2 Confetti

by Yummygum

Yummygum is a design studio from Amsterdam which released the Confetti plugin a while ago for Sketch. It’s a simple plugin which allows you to create interesting shape patterns for your project and it seems that they are also working on a Figma version.

#3 Importing and creating maps with Mapbox

by Chris Arvin

A simple way to add, resize and edit customised maps in Figma.

#4 Roto — Rotating shapes in 3D

by Carlo Jörges

This plugin allows you to transform regular shapes in Figma to 3D shapes and tweak it with a few parameters to your liking.

#5 Contrast Checker

by Stark

With Stark you can validate your design by certain accessibility guidelines. This plugin is currently only available for Adobe XD and Sketch. On Twitter they announced the Figma version as well.

#6 Keyframe animations

by Matt DesLauriers

This early version of a plugin made by Matt Deslauriers looks very promising if you look at what the end result is of this keyframe animation below.

Example gif from a visual that animates “Hello” and playful shapes

Example gif from a visual that animates “Hello” and playful shapes

Pretty cool right?

#7 Creating color palettes from images

by Matt DesLauriers

A helpful tool that automatically creates colors in a palette based on the image you apply it too.

#8 “Select all” on steroids

by Dave Williames

This plugins allows you to look for select layers based on selected multiple specific properties inside a specific frame or the whole canvas.

Dave is the guy behind the know Paddy plugin from Sketch which enables you to make dynamic components. He also seems to be working on a plugin that lets you trace images and convert it to a vector shape.

#9 Creating Wireflows

by Yitong

This plugin let you automagically connect frames and make it easier to draw flows in your Figma file.

#10 Integrate live data from your Arduino

by Blokdots

Not sure how useful this is in your day-to-day workflow but it sure is pretty cool and demonstrates the possibilities of the Plugins API.