How did we get here? A man who got stuck on a zipline, has lied to the general public on numerous occasions and has said more racist things than my great-uncle, is now the prime minister of the UK. Is it all down to a strong personal brand, perhaps? Agency Huge London certainly think so. Inspired (or rather, weirdly fascinated) by the mop-haired buffoon, Huge London decided to create a set of brand guidelines for Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (aka BoJo), taking a poke at this polarising politician.

“Boris is keen on aggressively promoting himself as a living brand to the country,” says Huge London’s creative director Hari Bajwa. “He’s spent his entire career creating this brand for himself, with the ultimate end goal of reaching number 10. So we thought we’d mock the moment by creating a set of tongue-in-cheek Human Brand Guidelines for him. No political stance, just complete truth based on his own words and actions.”

Referencing exact words that have come out of Boris’ mouth and teaming up with Getty Images for the perfect shots of the PM jogging, giving a double thumbs-up or inexplicable brandishing a string of sausages, the guidelines outline the new PM’s tone of voice, personal values, art direction and colour palette. Although the team say the project is apolitical, large swathes of the guidelines reference Johnson’s gaffes or more sinister machinations, including the infamous Brexit bus (which promised £350 million a week to the NHS) or offensive outpourings. A line in the tone of voice section reads, “To appeal to the right, target the marginalised. Past examples include calling women in burkas “letter boxes’.”

Bland, slippery with a tiny nod to the hip, the brand guidelines also include some messaging do’s and don’ts referencing the PM’s inflated ego. Bajwa adds: “While this document intends to provide complete clarity, consistency and direction to his approach as leader of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson will just make it up as he goes along.”