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A tonic is

taken to give

a feeling of vigor

or well being

Plus light cannabinoids (THC & CBD) blendFor a refreshing, uplifting social buzzFor a refreshing, uplifting social buzz

you learn to love my unexpectedness: an aromatic confidence and acidic wit wrapped in an ordinary exterior.


from Sicily

not from concentrate

lemon juice


All-natural flavor derived only from the lavender plant


100% organic agave nectar from mexico


Cannabis Extract

The Purest we can find

Simple, all-natural ingredients

I’m a cacophony of citrus, spices and all the things nice-ish.

Blood Orange

From Sicily

not from concentrate

blood orange juice


All-natural flavor derived only from the cardamom plant


100% organic agave nectar from mexico


Cannabis Extract

The Purest we can find

Simple, all-natural ingredients

With a natural herbal smoothness, I’m hard to miss. And you wouldn’t want to miss me.


From Florida

Not From Concentrate

Grapefruit Juice


All-natural flavor derived only from the rosemary plant


100% organic agave nectar from mexico


Cannabis Extract

The Purest we can find

Not from concentrate

(save concentration for work)

All-natural flavor

(no fake friends)

Lightly sweetened

(just enough, not too much)

Crafted in california

(West Coast, best coast)


No artifical flavors

(keepin’ it real)


No gluten

(is gluten a carb?)



(like we said, keepin’ it real)


No stevia

(that aftertaste tho)

We’ll let them explain the hype


Hangovers suck, edibles scare me

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Delish, refreshing, bomb as f$#%

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It’s a highly social experience

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Intended for the highly social

New(ish) to cannabis?


The cannabis plant has tons of unique cannabinoids (compounds in the plant that make cannabis what it is). THC and CBD are by far the two most common. THC gets you high. CBD doesn’t get you high. We believe that THC and CBD are buds⁠—they have more fun when they are together

How f**ked up will this get me?

Have you ever gotten drunk on one light beer? We designed Cann for you to have more than just one, so a single can is likely to leave you with a mild, energizing buzz. If you’re trying us for the first time, start with one every hour.

But actually though, how many Canns can I have?

Everyone has their limit. There are many factors that influence how you might experience the effects of cannabis, but the biggest one is your personal cannabis tolerance. Our canns have a mild amount of THC, so you can sip into your sweet spot!

Already buds with cannabis

2mg of THC is a low dose. Will I even feel anything??

Everyone’s a little bit different so we recommend starting small, just like our cans. 2mg of THC is mild, but when paired with 4mg of CBD, you should feel a nice, social buzz.

How does a cann compare to the other edibles I’ve had?

Since Cann is a beverage, you absorb the cannabis right away, and much faster than solid edibles. You should expect to feel the initial effects within 10 minutes. You will also feel the effects subside faster too, after about an hour. No more uncontrollable experiences.

What type of cannabis do you use?

For our clean refreshing flavor and consistent experience from Cann to Cann, we use the purest California cannabis extract that we can find, selected for its energizing and uplifting effects.

Want something a little more scientific, the pros here and here, oh and also here can help you out

Taking a (cliche) cue from some of the world’s most innovative startups, Cann began in Jake’s garage in Palo Alto, California while he was in business school in 2018… That same year, Jake recruited Luke, an old friend and former colleague, who had never been to a dispensary before, to help design a brand and collection of products for people who are cannabis curious.

In the future, we believe there will be beer, wine, and Cann. As the first truly low-dose and ‘sessionable’ cannabis-infused beverage, you can have 3-4 Canns alongside friends who are drinking alcohol without that ‘too high feeling.’ As a brand, we hope to educate people who are curious about cannabis that with the right products and mild dosage levels, cannabis can be a great addition to your social routine and an alternative (or addition) to alcohol.

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