Just like any other business or product, a podcast’s branding is equally important to attracting and growing your target audience. When searching through the plethora of podcast shows on iTunes, Google, or even social media, remember that your podcast cover art serves as a first impression to potential listeners. In other words, your artwork has a huge impact on whether people will click on your show, or keep scrolling through.

If you’re a podcaster, producer, or graphic designer looking for branding inspiration, you’re in the right place. Today we’re highlighting podcast logo and branding Shots designed by our very own community of Dribbblers. Whether you’re designing art for your own podcast or for a client’s, you’ll find plenty of unique, high-quality artwork here that goes beyond the typical podcast headphones symbol!

Have fun browsing through, and discover some awesome new podcasts while you’re at it!

  1. Skip the Repeat

  2. Test Run

  3. Don't Keep Your Day Job

  4. Better Product season 1 episode art

  5. Kinda Funny Games Daily

  6. Family Style Theology

  7. Creative Course Podast

  8. Wrasslin' Podcast Icon

  9. Pretty Useful Co x Perspective Collective

Row 1:
Mariel Abbene,
Blake Ink,
Andy J. Miller.
Row 2:
Parker McCullough for Innovatemap,
Julian Burford,
Brenton C. Little.
Row 3:
Matt Erickson,
Alex Anderson,
Allie Mounce for Pretty Useful Co..

  1. The Impact

  2. The Nuclear Option

  3. Word Vomit: The Podcast

  4. Podcast Logo

  5. Beercast Alternate

  6. Lovetaps

  7. Share your potential (cover for podcast @aparelhoeletrico )

  8. Link In Bio - Podcast Cover Design

  9. DadJokes show art

Row 1:
Courtney Leonard for Vox Media,
Tierra Connor,
Shelby Reynolds.
Row 2:
Max Waltz,
Lindsay St. Clair.
Row 3:
Thunder Rockets,
Scott Tsuchiyama.

  1. The Creative Punch Podcast

  2. Drunk on Lettering

  3. 9to5Mac Daily Podcast Art

  4. Podcast Cover — In Your Right Mind

  5. Toss Out The Rules

  6. Design Table Sticker Cut Out

  7. Business Logic Podcast

  8. Podcast Cover — Sounds About Write

  9. Musicdive podcast cover

  10. Podcast Cover Art

  11. Podcast

  12. MindbodyGreen Podcast

Row 1:
Katie Cooper,
Jordan Wilson,
Michael Steeber.
Row 2:
Alex Sidun,
Jung Young Lee.
Row 3:
Mercedes Bazan,
Ildar Fatikhov.
Row 4:
Michael Sacca,
Kendrick Kidd,
Brittany Theophilus.

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