Want a Tumblr account that drips in aesthetics, style and simplicity? Then view this list of free Tumblr themes that are the hottest picks out there.

Tumblr is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the internet right now as it’s super creative and fun to use while showcasing your own talents to the world.

If you’re a photographer, writer, blogger or someone else who just loves to stare at aesthetic content, it is very likely that Tumblr will have you totally hooked. But where there are so many accounts and blogs for each style, you can use these 40 free Tumblr themes to give your website an edge by making it uniquely attractive for your own audience even more!

These Tumblr themes are a collection of almost every hot trend out there, to give your website anything from a cute, minimalist or a simple black and white makeover! So, grab yourself a cookie and start reading through the list below now! 

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salvia tumblr theme


We’ll begin with this stunner theme, which is unique for its hipster style! It has such a diverse range of tools, and details that you can pick from, that this can serve perfectly for the most robust websites.

You can manage your website’s display by editing the header, storing your links in a secret menu and much more so your main page remains spotless and clean. The theme is most suited for reading and writing content online, so the fonts and the color palettes complement them both. It works smoothly on all browsers, and readers can filter content by seeing post tags.

So, if you’re a writer, and want an immersive reading experience for your viewers, then you can confidently pick Salvia as your new theme!

Download Salvia theme

wicked tumblr theme


You’ve got a great picture of your minimalist Tumblr account? Then try the free of cost, Wicked Theme to dramatize and present all your photos stunningly. The theme allows you to post pictures in single or multiple column grids, and you can choose to make the posts with or without any captions.

Its infinite scroll option and complete compatibility with most internet browsers make it a highly efficient and optimized theme to plug in on your personal website. It works the best with black and white styled accounts and has a smart lightbox effect in the latest updates.

You can reblog, and add the Disqus comments section so your website feels engaging to an audience. With all the photography themes out there, Wicked certainly stands out due to its all-around great performance.

Download Wicked theme

indy tumblr theme


It’s a simple Tumblr theme that stands out because of its beautiful interface. It is minimal, elegant and just the right theme to try if you are a beginner! Easy to navigate and customize, it’s perfect for any creative content.

A great reason why you should try this out is that it is mobile friendly! Post pictures, videos, text and much more to use this unique Tumblr theme for a stylish and elegant website to match your own perfect style!

Download Indy theme

ten toes tumblr theme

Ten Toes

This is the hottest theme for the perfect photo gallery Tumblr blogs!  The pictures you post will speak a thousand words as they shall boldly occupy the main space of your website, with a grid that allows for all sized photos to arrange in feisty mosaics. The sidebar is highly minimalistic, with only single lines that expand on tapping.

It even has an exclusive video banner, to show a video from youtube directly, which adds a stunning visual to your website. There is a separate version for mobiles and you can change the picture quality from high to low or vice versa, in this minimalistic theme.

Download Ten Toes theme

yuki tumblr theme


This aesthetic theme is the perfect choice to make for your impressive and gorgeous photography websites. Designed especially for sharing pictures, its layout has the most organized and smooth grid line designs to apply to your account.

The main page is as minimalistic as it could be, showing only the pictures without their captions or any other distractions on the screen. You can open each picture separately, to view its details such as captions. It’s highly preferred for making signature, personal portfolios for your photography work and one can hardly go wrong with this one.

Its simple white backdrop gives great focus and attention to the pictures you post on it, so the website will look extremely eye-catching and mesmerizing.

Download Yuki theme

oscar tumblr theme


This is another Tumblr theme we would highly recommend for personal bloggers out there! Oscar is professional and straightforward. It is designed to give an optimum reading experience to the viewers.

You can define the mood of your blog by changing colors, backgrounds, and pictures while also choosing avatars and high-resolution visuals. It is powered by Disqus, super responsive and can even generate meta titles for blogs.

It is, therefore, one of the few themes that handle all the nitty-gritty details itself while letting you focus on the final presentation alone, and lends more free time for you to produce more content with much less hassle or worries.

Download Oscar theme

pation tumblr theme


This theme is crisp, fresh and keeps your artistic posts in focus. Pation will be a great way to shake up your website and its most amazing feature is that it rearranges the pictures every time the website is reloaded.

It has a professional look, and you can customize the theme too, with options for fonts, hover styles, and even a special black and white theme.

It’s highly optimized and will keep your experience swift and efficient. As it’s adapted to all web browsers, your website will open perfectly no matter where!

Download Pation theme

harbour tumblr theme


This is the ideal Tumblr theme for your neat and tidy blogs! If you post a lot of articles, Tumblr quotes and want to develop a personal branding website, then Harbour will do with its minimalist style! Adjust the headings, fonts and blog headers, choosing from a variety of options.

It’s compatible with most browsers and adjustable on most view screens so your blog will be functional everywhere! A great option for beginners as they can surely play around with the settings,  but most of the adjustments get taken care of automatically by Harbour so using it remains super easy and fun.

Download Harbour theme

simplify tumblr theme


With so many Tumblr themes that exist, there are a few fan favorites in the writers’ community still! Simplify is designed especially to deliver optimum reading experience, with slick navigation, formats, and a clean layout.

The most unique part is that Simplify offers an exclusive night mode for viewing, which is great when a viewer wants to read in dim lights and not ending up with an eye strain. The theme is also powered with Google Analytics, which helps you keep track of the traffic you receive on your website.

Hence, with Simplify to make things easier for you, all you have to really care about, is writing away for your inspiring Tumblr account.

Download Simplify theme

sugar tumblr theme


This aesthetic Tumblr theme is one of the trendiest and fashionable themes out there to choose from! It looks like a runway magazine, a combination of minimal style but still elegantly having a clean, colorful look.

It’s perfect for creative artists and freelancers to make the most impressive portfolios to beautifully showcase your talents. It has an astonishing range of color palettes to choose from, and you can customize its grid style as per your taste.

You can increase your audience by sharing content on other social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest if you are posting a picture. Change and customize this theme freely, use different sized blocks and heading fonts or sizes.

Download Sugar theme

centric tumblr theme


This is an upbeat, versatile free Tumblr theme that will give your website a revamped look to bedazzle your audience. It’s up to date, modern and works perfectly for all sorts of Tumblr accounts.

It’s easy to set up with a tutorial on how to get it started. It has social media widgets for connectivity and an email subscription pop up to keep the readers hooked to your site by emailing them regular updates. This theme will support any type of content, be it photos, videos, audio, blogs or quotes.

Organize your content by filtering through tags and make navigation around the website user-friendly. It’s fast, smooth and just the right match for you if you’ve got an artist in you.

Download Centric theme

astoria tumblr theme


This free theme drips in amazing aesthetics and gorgeously eye-catching layouts. With Astoria on your website, you can present your artistic posts in the most dreamy and premium looks. It is a unique mix of minimal and dramatic effects, with its high-resolution layout of customized color palettes and backdrop images.

It is responsive, so you don’t have to worry if your audience visits the website on a phone, tablet or laptop. You will find the theme getting improved over time with its robust updates and a one on one help team to answer your inquiries.

Download Astoria theme

flore tumblr theme


This Tumblr theme is chic and totally trendy! This is perfect to give the most professional, and regal touch to your account. If you want to personalize, there are no less than 90 different personalization options out there which means this theme can never miss your aesthetic.

It displays your posts in 3 columns grid, works smoothly and is incredibly responsive. It has a pop up for email subscriptions from viewers and you can share the posts easily across the internet on places like Instagram, Pinterest and many more.

It comes with an integrated Disqus section and whenever you’re looking for help, Flora comes with an efficient support theme.

Download Flora theme

observer tumblr theme


This unique Tumblr theme knows just how to focus all the spotlight on your posts only! Observer is suited to any type of personal website, be it for photography, blog or most surprisingly even music!

It’s designed to be especially compatible with both android and apple software. You can use tags for your posts, and make them more engaging by adding the Disqus comments section.

There are versatile options in styles, colors and much more, so you could edit and personalize freely. Lastly, go big and bold with Observer by having enlarged, zoomed in posts for adding all the right drama to your website!

Download Observer theme

eclipse tumblr theme


This Tumblr theme knows how to be beautifully and supreme. It is free to install and easy to get accustomed to. You will not need to perform a lot of customization to operate it, but with its automatic photo gradients, matching the mood of your photos, you will love the experience.

It is compatible with all web browsers, comes with Disqus comments section and can be used for any type of content you want to post. For Tumblr accounts posting mainly pictures, you can use its grid settings and if it’s instead an online reading blog, then there are separate customizations for that too.

Lastly, make your website appealing by picking just the correct colors, fonts and pictures.

Download Eclipse theme

chale tumblr theme


This popular Tumblr theme is especially for the ones who have a sophisticated taste and would love their websites to be modern, and visually amazing!

It can host any type of content on it, and bloggers of any niche can use this beautiful theme for a range of impressive layouts. Customize its colors, fonts, and background pictures. This is a high-resolution theme, so the quality is unmatched.

Chale works best on both mobiles and computers and has the most diverse range of social media icons to give the most updated contact profile. The feed has an infinite scroll feature, where each post can be tapped on separately for viewing the details that otherwise remain neatly hidden.

Download Chale theme

other basic tumblr theme

Other Basic

The name is its selling point! This free Tumblr theme stays true to its promise and gives you the easiest, flexible and basic experience with installing and using it. It’s very graceful and you will have the ultimate “it” blog with this theme by putting only a little amount of effort into it.

Its tools are limited but effective, giving you just enough space for customization but taking good care of the rest. Supported by Google Fonts, you can switch the text fonts freely. It can be used for picture blogs or writing blogs both and the layout can be aligned to the sides or center.

You can show or hide your biography, social media icons so that the layout reveals only what you truly believe is essential. So, this high-resolution Tumblr theme is worth a try!

Download Other Basic theme

square tumblr theme


The perfect minimal and simple Tumblr theme which neatly organizes your posts in crisp grids of boxes! It highlights your work entirely and is ideal for uploading photographs, paintings, and other posts. This will charm the artist in you, removing the clutter of unwanted texts, captions, and other distractions.

It’s modern and chic, and you won’t need to customize it excessively. Originally, this theme was designed by Japenese minds, so if you like the east Asian style, you should give this a go!

Download Square theme

void tumblr theme


A minimalistic Tumblr theme ready for quick and free download that will instantly revamp your website as every hipster, minimalist’s most aesthetic dream. It introduces you boldly with a great interactive display of art, with fast image loading and adjustable image positioning.

It’s versatile and flexible, letting you change between colors, backgrounds and adding Disqus comments threads to your website. The viewer will find navigation on your website easily, with optimization for all web browsers and special designs for iMac and iPhones.

So, if you want a fuss-free, modern look for your website, let Void settle your matters for you in grace and style!

Download Void theme

persona tumblr theme


This Tumblr theme is a fantastic way to exhibit your personal style online! Curate your website to your taste, with multiple fonts, colors, headers, and showing your very own logo.

Stay connected by linking all your social media accounts which will pop up on this layout as cute icons. It’s compatible with all browsers, making it reliable and consistent no matter where your viewer sees it from! Engage with your audience by enabling the Disqus comments section and enable a lightbox feature for even cleaner presentation.

So, if you want a beautiful and elegant art portfolio or any other Tumblr account, this theme will rock your website in style!

Download Persona theme

ashley tumblr theme


If you are a writer or blogger, then this minimalistic but sophisticated design is just perfect for you! It is a favorite one for many as there are a lot of ways to customize this theme and navigate your way around it easily!

The content appears in a very clean layout, where you can add thumbnails for your articles and captions too! If you want to personalize even more, this Tumblr theme comes with Google Fonts, so you can choose from a big library for your very own aesthetic.

It supports all types of content, so you can use this flexible theme for just anything that you want your website to market for.

Download Ashley theme

orange-pop tumblr theme

Orange Pop

Are you looking for a cute Tumblr theme? One that looks adorable, attractive and shines brightly in a mass of other Tumblr accounts. Well, then Orange Pop is for you! It is edgy, bright and full of colors! Set vibrant backgrounds, using plain colors or even pictures.

Customize the theme by using the integrated Google Fonts, make it interactive by adding the Disqus Comments section and spread your blog’s popularity far beyond. It is even a responsive theme, so you don’t have to worry about how it looks on each viewport!

Download Orange Pop theme

sidebar tumblr theme


If you want a free Tumblr theme that brings full focus to what you post, then choose this as your go to option! By cutting out all unnecessary details, and keeping your posts in the main focus, it’s ideal for photography, travel, and other exciting posts.

It keeps a simple but colorful background, very selected tools and icons for sidebar and concentrates the reader on your displayed work. You can play around with themes, by using Google Fonts.

Last but not least, it supports all other social media platforms, so you can share your posts elsewhere like on Facebook, making sure you reach the most audience.

Download Sidebar theme

carter tumblr theme


If you want a simple free Tumblr theme that is easy to use then Carter is a great pick! It’s very stylish and modern, keeping your posts in the spotlight and has a fixed sidebar that covers all your essential requirements for a blog.

Carter is friendly for all sorts of internet browsers out there, so it’s consistent and reliable. It also can be viewed perfectly on any mobile device, so you can assure yourself that your blog stays at top quality for every visitor.

Ideal for photography, and keeping a Tumblr theme without having to worry about its complexities. If you are a beginner, try this out for the most amazing experience.

Download Carter theme

letsgopink tumblr theme

Lets Go Pink

It goes without saying that this cute Tumblr theme will capture the hearts of all the pink lovers out there!  If you have a girly website or are experimenting with some stylish colorful themes, then pink is the hottest trend right now!

Make your website burst with a girlish look, using backgrounds of adorable polka dots and choosing from happy fonts for texts. A Tumblr theme like this is perfect for younger audiences and content creators both, as it appeals to young girls and at the same time is incredibly simple to use and customize around.

This theme will remind you of your dream personal diary from your childhood, and so if you want a fashion, lifestyle, entertainment or inspiring blog attractive to younger kids, then install this right away for free!

Download Lets Go Pink theme

fireheart tumblr theme


What’s Tumblr without its iconic fan fiction accounts and the widely popular anime-loving websites! Fireheart is the Tumblr theme dedicated to making the ideal account where you can post all sorts of online content easily and in a highly customized layout.

Its original color scheme was inspired by an anime character, Todoroki. You can, however, adjust and change anything from the fonts, colors, text sizes, visuals and much more. It’s flexible and works smoothly on any browsing facility, so you don’t have to worry if your website is opened on the commonly used Google Chrome or other browsers like Fox and Safari.

Share your fan fiction stories, post fan art and compilation videos on this theme and you will enjoy the experience thoroughly!

Download Fireheart theme

alumia tumblr theme


Want to make your Tumblr account look professional, chic and in sync with modern aesthetics? Alumia is the way for you! Alumia uses incredible color themes, layout patterns that showcase your posts in crisply organized tile themed display.

It is for the people with higher tastes, who wants their website to stand out elegantly and to make the most pristine statement. It is unique for its gradient styled photo overlay and is not very complex to operate so it’s super easy to get comfortable with. It has a customizable sidebar and gives your full online contact profile by clearly presenting your other social media accounts.

Alumia has a bottomless scroll down option, so you can swiftly glide through the content easily. If you want a photography blog, then this will be ideal for you in case you crave that impressively sleek look!

Download Alumia theme

cosmis tumblr theme


Do you want a stellar, out of the world Tumblr theme? Well, this literally brings the starry, mysterious vibes to revamp your Tumblr account for you. Its galactic colors will give a unique look to your account and is beautiful for any sort of content.

Its one extra feature is that it has two sidebars, one specifically for social media icons, linking all your feeds while the other is for on-site navigation through your content.

Another great thing is that it is a fully responsive Tumblr theme, making it adaptable and flexible to all screen sizes and resolutions.

Download Cosmic theme

candice tumblr theme


One of the few themes out there that suit gorgeously both pictures and text. Highly recommended for travel bloggers by many, as it will present your landscape, pictures in great layouts along with the relevant captions.

It’s reliable and flexible for any gadget screen and has an immersive, vivid display. Candice allows both Disqus and Facebook comment threads, and also a whole bunch of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter feeds. You can make it single column or split.

The mood of the website can be selected by freely switching fonts, colors, backgrounds, and headers. So, while Candice is easy on the pockets, but with a list of features like that, it easily qualifies for even the most premium of standards.

Download Candice theme

blocked out tumblr theme

Blocked Out

Ever wanted your website to look similar to a hot issue of some popular magazine? Blocked Out, with its cutting edge style, a sleek layout, and modern vibes it does just that!

It can support all types of Tumblr content, pictures, videos, texts, and music. Customize the theme by changing background pictures, color schemes, and fonts. Make your content appear more professional by sorting it out through tags and adding the following feature to posts.

Last but not least, it’s reliable and well suited to any type of screen it’s opened on,  so it will preserve your authentic taste accurately on the phone, mobile or tablet.

Download Blocked Out theme

royal cameleon tumblr theme

Royal Cameleon

If you want a sharp and attractive news feed website, then this is one of the very best Tumblr themes. It is robust and adjusted, a perfect one to immerse the audience completely into your content.

With so many fonts, headings and dramatization, your articles will pop up with eye-catching freshness. You can link up with so many social media options, amplify it with Google Analytics and allow the audience to engage on your blog posts by enabling the Disqus comments section.

It will work great on all screens and supports all types of Tumblr content formats. So, if you want to run a news website, or anything similar, keep an eye out for this one.

Download Royal Cameleon theme

telpher tumblr theme


This is a cute yet simple Tumblr theme which is perfect if you have a blog and want to showcase your writing particularly. It clearly displays both photographs and their captions, which can be contrasted perfectly to the background.

It also has the feature of a fixed sidebar for navigation or writing your account bio, so the website can give an instant idea to your reader on who you are. You can add as many posts as you like, as the website can be scrolled down endlessly!

It’s perfect if you have a food blog, where you can post pictures of your cooking and write neatly displayed recipes in captions. You can customize this Tumblr theme by adding tools you like, such as social media icons and comments for the discussion section.

Download Telpher theme

ImNotWordy tumblr theme


This is a cute Tumblr theme that sticks to the basics for expertly showing polished portfolios on your Tumblr accounts. It is adjusted wonderfully for photography exhibits and allows you to share your content across platforms by linking all your social networks with cute icons.

You can customize with plentiful options of style, colors and images to set your very own vibes. It has a like button enabled for every post, making it easier to track and get impressed by the audience viewership you generate. Since it’s well suited for all types of browsers, you can confidently give this one a go!

Download ImNotWordy theme

alchemist tumblr theme


This one is for the creative community of all the buzzing artists from Tumblr. It’s sharp, vibrant, surprising and robust. It has a stunning, lively display of pictures that works best when you post very frequently on your blog.

It’s highly responsive, fast while loading and you can bring more attention to some photos by fixing them zoomed up, into a closeup. Alchemist is a high resolution and has widgets for your other social media accounts. You can add or hide captions, tags, and the share count on individual posts.

You can use it with Google Analytics to stay track of your traffic viewing the website. Thus by having all the cutting edge features, Alchemist will put you one step ahead in the Tumblr game always.

Download Alchemist theme

laser tumblr theme


This dynamic Tumblr theme which electrifies your website by letting you post stunning videos and images to make that bold first impression! It’s cool with the infinite vertical scrolling option and a unique horizontal scrolling effect that lets you swipe through left to right!

It supports all content, and you can post bundles of photos together in slideshows. Laser even offers translations and customizable sidebars, color schemes and widgets so this theme will hardly leave you craving for anything more. The best point might be that Laser can offer all these rare features without compromising on your website’s functionality.

It’s adapted to all types of internet browsers so it will work just fine on chrome or Mozilla fox and even has a separate, special mobile version.

Download Laser theme

minimalmono tumblr theme

Minimal Mono

This Tumblr theme is every hipster’s ultimate dream! A strange fusion of styles, but staying vibrant to impress the viewer’s eyes. It offers custom colors and a range of background images, so you can make your website truly reflective of your taste.

You won’t have to worry if your website is viewed on a laptop or phone since it’s friendly for both view screens. If you upload pictures as a post, then this theme will let you enlarge them to twice their sizes.

The titles and all avatars are toggleable to make your website proactive. However, with all that this theme has to offer, it’s simple to use and operate, staying true to its minimalist name.

Download Minimal Mono theme

acme tumblr theme


This is a trendy minimalistic Tumblr theme for making your own elegant, personal website. Its layout consists of only those utilities, without which you absolutely can’t imagine a well-rounded website to exist! The pictures get arranged in multi-column grids, giving a clean and visually aesthetic feed.

You can bundle photos together into interactive slideshows just like on the app Instagram. The infinite scrolling option makes navigation through your content swift and effective. In minimal themes, every blogger wants a great color scheme for personal branding, and Acme has custom color and fonts options to help you create your own style.

There is a sidebar to show your profile and social media links too, so if you’re new to Tumblr and want an all-rounder theme to help you start off strong, Acme just might do it for you!

Download Acme theme

klein tumblr theme


Art lovers, curators, and bloggers making their passion portfolios! This modern Tumblr theme available for a free download is calling out to you!

With incredible customization, you will have the most fun curating your website and making it drizzle with your individual aesthetics. Responsive and retina-ready, it offers gallery lightbox, infinite scrolling vertically and even keyboard navigation.

Unlike most themes with one sidebar, Klein offers paneled menus on both sides of your website, making it hipper. So, if you want to amplify your Tumblr theme with your own personality all over it, then Klein can be your new best friend.

Download Klein theme

preset tumblr theme


This is a minimalistic Tumblr theme that is highly unique because of its single column grid. The pictures, staying true to their original sizes, get stacked up beautifully in a vertical, infinite scroll line, emphasizing your picture gallery in great depth.

It removes the hassle of seeing who first posted a reblogged post by adding a reblog button that gives an orderly summary of all the sources it came from. This will get you and your collaborator bloggers full credit for their works. It’s great to get through to your audience effectively, by enabling the Disqus Comments section and Google Analytics.

So, with its classic pagination and endless customization options to choose from, this is a great theme for any type of Tumblr account.

Download Preset theme

juggernaut tumblr theme


A content-focused, grid-based theme that puts the work of the blogger in an eye-catching layout. It is designed to run smoothly on any device and is greatly responsive.

It is great if you want an instant fix to your website, with quick set up, limited but a nice range of color palettes and fonts to make setting up easier than ever before. It has an infinite scroll and a proper sidebar to show your avatar, biography and linked social media accounts so a viewer can learn about you quickly!

By supporting all types of Tumblr content, this is a great theme for beginners to try out!

Download Juggernaut theme

cinereoism tumblr theme


This modern and simple Tumblr theme is fashioned to be creative but clean! Give your website a decluttered and trendy look, adjusting blog width and letting the viewer surf freely through your website by using the infinite scrolling option.

This is great for all types of posts, with a brand new audio player! With all the color options and high resolution, it lets you customize your website to your liking. You can boast about your active audience by underpinning all posts and allowing comments on your work by enabling Disqus threads.

Download Cinereoism theme

belfort tumblr theme


If you’re a photographer, traveler, an artist or a food blogger, you will love this theme the most! It’s responsive and supports all post types. It allows for posting high-resolution content and works just fine on a phone, tablet or laptop viewscreen.

There are feisty scrolling animations and a range of fonts and colors to choose from so you can customize your layout effectively. It keeps you well connected to other platforms, allowing Facebook and Disqus comment sections, mentioning at least a dozen social media links and tagging your content for keeping it clean.

With Google analytics on your side, you can be in touch with the traffic you generate. So, with all this and an active help desk site, you can confidently install Belfort today for an entertaining and impactful Tumblr journey today.

Download Belfort theme

retrospective timblr theme


It’s clean, crisp, sharp and straightforward. A beautiful multi-grid layout where pictures get separated by blank spaces between them to concentrate all focus onto your posts only.

You can have on a vast sheet or several pages to display your content on and hide away any photo subtitles too. Customize it freely, post high contrast content for maximum effect and never compromise on delivering all this to the viewer with high web browser adaptability and retina ready layout.

With so many photo Tumblr accounts out there, this theme is bound to help you outshine the rest!

Download Retrospective theme

Hopefully, with this highly curated list of 40 favorite free Tumblr themes out there, you can now effortlessly revamp your Tumblr account and get it kicking! Remember, for marketing anything online, it’s always about choosing the right aesthetics and style. Keep visiting our website for more of such content, and stay one step ahead of the internet game.