Audience Engagement Insights category as part of its marketing partner program, and adding five new third-party analytics platforms that integrate with the LinkedIn Audience Engagement API: Amobee, Annalect, Hootsuite, Ogilvy and Sprinklr.

“With these insights, you can better refine your content strategy and make smarter decisions to help deliver better ROI for your LinkedIn ad campaigns and organic posts,” writes LinkedIn Senior Product Manager Amita Paul.

Why we should care

Marketers on LinkedIn will now have a broader view of what works on the platform with access to audience discovery insights, content recommendations and industry benchmarks. And with the five new integration partners now available to deliver those insights, many marketers will be able to choose a platform they may already be using.

“We’re excited to blend LinkedIn insights with Amobee’s Brand Intelligence solution to give new perspective into professional content and engagement trends,” said Amobee Senior Vice President of Social Sales and Partnerships Johnny Horgan, “This unique collaboration allows Amobee to paint a more holistic picture for clients.”

Hootsuite Vice President of Alliances Stefan Krepiakevich said the new integration capabilities with LinkedIn will enable their customers to improve campaign targeting efforts while increasing performance around organic and paid posts.

More on the news

  • LinkedIn said access to the Audience Engagement API is limited to the five new third-party marketing partners only.
  • The aggregated insights offered by the Audience Engagement API do not identify LinkedIn members.
  • Earlier this year, LinkedIn expanded its Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP) with the addition of Altify, Drift, G2 Crowd and MixMax.

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