Hello Hunters and Huntresses!

I am Jiri, CEO of Supernova, the platform for designers and developers to work together faster and more efficiently by making the code hand-off a thing of the past. Supernova allows you to take designs and convert them into (real, and usable) production code for iOS, Android, React Native and Flutter.

After thousands of requests from our amazing community about supporting more tools than just Sketch, we’ve gone back to the drawing board and generalized our technology so it can be eventually used to support any design tool out there. Today, we are releasing the first fruit of this effort -  full support of Adobe XD. It is now possible to import the entirety of design elements within XD while obtaining pixel-perfect code representation within seconds. Simply pick a file and drop it into Supernova.

And since we know just how much XD users love animation and prototyping capabilities offered, we have also significantly improved our own animation editor, adding support for keyframes, animation speed, reworked the entire interface based on the best practices and added many more time-saving improvements. And as with every feature we make, everything you can visually do inside Supernova is always translated to production code.

We have also significantly improved the interface of Supernova in an ongoing effort to make using it as simple as possible - you’ll now find less visual clutter and unified menus with quick access to all the tools you need across the board.

We hope you like the direction we are taking and to give you a bit of sneak peek to what is coming next, I’ll just drop one word here: Reusability.

If you wish to know more about V7, head over to our blog where you’ll find some nice details including videos:…

Thank you for your unending support, our community is growing rapidly and it is what drives us forward to achieve the dream of the world where designers and developers live in harmony, effortlessly.

Have an amazing day and AMA!