Currently people can access FTP list and download resources hosted on FTP servers in Chrome through FTP URLs, but this may not work anymore in the near future. In a post published by Chrome engineers, there is a plan to deprecate FTP support in Chrome version 82.

The major motivation for this deprecation is that Chrome doesn’t have an encrypted FTP connection support(FTPs), this raises security risk of downloading resources over FTP. Since users can access FTP URLs and download resources, there is no encryption of the data which indicates any sensitive information would be exposed to middle man attack. There are other vulnerabilities as well. 

Another motivation for this deprecation is that the usage of FTP in Chrome is low which isn’t worth of investing more resource to improve the current FTP implementation in Chrome and there are other bugs in the implementation which further demotivates the FTP support.

There are alternative secure FTP implementations and clients in all platforms such as FileZilla, so users should not be impacted by this deprecation.

The deprecation will start from Chrome version 82 planned to be released in 2020 Q2.