I’m shocked how quickly Figma was able to overshadow Sketch in every single way that matters for professional collaborative design…

No more Zeplin for comments which means less team confusion, no new workflows, and one less license

A robust prototype system that gives you triggers such as hover that WE ALL NEED, while still keeping the workflows lean and intuitive

More intuitive symbol editing and management

Heirarchal file and project management

Web based UI

Honest pricing model, none of this sudden subscription service BS. It’s a subscription from the start, or not. F U

People other than designers like Figma….unlike Sketch, which I can’t explain, but getting coworkers to covert to Figma was a dream, whereas the only people that I Kno that like sketch are designers. No clue, but it’s real.

I love you and I will miss you, but I’m never coming back. Too slow to answer the needs of designers and way too much emphasis on bug fixes and brand.