Email optimization and deliverability are critical to our marketing programs, and a new report [registration required] from Return Path indicates that marketers are starting to pay closer to attention to the key factors that help their email reach the intended inboxes. Reaching the inbox continues to challenge marketers as bad actors continuously develop new methods for spamming email users. Internet service providers (ISPs) constantly update their algorithms to prevent spam from reaching email users, inadvertently causing headaches for email marketers.

Why we should care

Email programs have
significantly improved over the past decade. Marketers are becoming more aware
of the importance of their sending reputation, while email service providers
(ESPs) and deliverability monitoring firms have created new tools and features
to help marketers keep track of their deliverability.

When Return Path published its first Sender Score Benchmark report in 2012, 60% of email messages were deployed from IP addresses with a Sender Score below 11 — compare that to only 16% with Sender Scores below 11 today. Nearly half (42%) have a Sender Score between 91-100.

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