Following a CSS style guide can create a beautiful code base which will make any developer love working on a project. They enable a codebase to be flexible, easily scalable and very well documented for anyone to jump in and work on with other developers.

We’ve gathered together some CSS style guides that should give you a great start on creating your very over set of rules for your CSS or one for you to follow without having to start from scratch.

CSS Guidelines

CSS Guidelines is written by Harry Roberts. High-level advice and guidelines for writing sane, manageable, scalable CSS.

Sass Guidelines

Code Guide

Mark Otto, the creator of Bootstrap has put together a code guide for developing flexible, durable, and sustainable HTML and CSS.

Airbnb CSS / Sass Styleguide

Airbnb’s “reasonable approach to CSS and Sass.” A readme to how Airbnb style their Sass, they have also provided a scss-lint.yml file to use in your own project.

CSS Bliss

A CSS style guide for small to enormous projects, without all that pomp and cruft. Many ideas borrowed from BEMSMACSSOOCSSSUITECSS.

CSS Style Guide by Mark McDonnell

This is a personal style guide by Mark McDonnell for writing CSS. As a bonus, he has also written style guides for JavaScript, HTML, PHP & Ruby

Dropbox’s (S)CSS style guide

Dropbox’s very own style guide they follow across their in-house projects.

Workable’s CSS Style Guide

This is the coding style guide Workable use for writing CSS & Sass in their projects.

Further reading about CSS Style Guides

If you’re looking to start a style guide for your CSS we’ve also compiled a list of great articles to read before jumping right into creating one.

Have a style guide that you think should be on this list? Leave us a comment!