Parth Bari

iOS 12 is here — A good news for both, the iPhone users and iOS Developers. This latest iOS was released just a few weeks back, entered with stacks of mind-blowing features. Including enhanced machine learning abilities, a new mode for the notifications, iOS 12 offers a new approach for each iOS App Development.

The Heighten Performance of iOS 12 is breaking all the barriers:

  • iOS 12 came with faster performance and enriched experience across the system.
  • Typing is much faster and responsive, also the keyboard appears 50% faster.
  • The camera launch time has been reduced to 70% faster than the previous time.

iOS 12 has cool, and legitimately useful new features. Here is a list of the significant features in iOS 12 that will surely impact Mobile App Development world.

Siri is one of the most popular voice assistants. However, Apple added some more values to Siri by introducing the shortcut.

The prime motto behind adding this is to make voice assistant more useful. So that, the user needs to take minimum steps to accomplish the routine task.

Siri shortcuts will monitor user activities and according to the behaviour, it will suggest shortcuts. Siri is going to make suggestions in Siri spotlight or on your lock screen.

As Siri is the personal voice assistant, one also can add unique voice phrases and search queries to Siri. Siri will analyse and predict shortcuts for your apps through donations. iOS App Developers and the users are able to donate shortcuts as a piece of personalization to the device.

This Artificial Intelligence (AI) based voice automation will quickly takeover manual actions. Along with that, the iPhone App Developers need to react quickly to offer their users, the directness and speed.

The Siri shortcuts deliver a faster way to get the things done for any app. It is becoming more versatile day by day as it has the ability to translate phrases in more than 40 language pairs. Now with iOS 12, iPhone Developer need to have a goal-oriented understanding of what are the in-app flows, that drives the most engagement and create Siri shortcuts for them.

Moreover, Siri is powerful enough to handle shortcuts without opening unnecessary apps. This enables iOS Development Companies to provide an optimum user experience using the Siri Shortcuts in the background.

The interfacing will enable a user to interact directly with the particular feature. All in all, Siri is fulfilling a long-term vision with a digital assistant.

iOS 12 offering users a considerable amount of control with the push notifications they receive and the way they receive them. Now users have a complete access to message settings, directly from a push notification interface. Which allows them to opt-out notification from the locked screen.

As mentioned above, Siri is always active in handling, predicting and sending personalised push notifications based on behavioural insights. Users have privileges to group push notification by iOS Mobile App or by theme.

As we have a number of the same apps, such as messaging apps or social media apps. Now the notifications of the same apps can be grouped together. Instant Tuning provides the control over notification settings, right from the lock screen.

The newly introduced Deliver Quietly option sends notification silently to the Notification center without any interruption. Similarly, the high-value and personable notification can justifiably draw your attention, and you will never miss them.

Now in iOS 12, the Notification Content app extensions support interactivity. While iPhone App Development, if you wish to deliver push notification content for the user encouragement, you can add buttons and switches to the push notifications itself.

On top of that, iOS 12 allows iOS Application Developers to customize the complete notification interface. The ability to customize the notifications is only supported in Native iOS App Development and the developers are able to arrange title, subtitle and body as per the requirements.

Also, they can introduce custom branding materials or imaging the push notifications. This way, iOS 12 has also given plenty of opportunities to the iPhone App Development Companies to deliver, attention-grabbing and relevant values.

With iOS 12, the iPhone Developers now have access to password autofill. Not only this feature increases app security because an autofill suggests a strong and unique password, but all it enhances the onboarding processes.

With help of autofill, users can begin using new apps quicker and can have a complete access to the content across the devices without any complications.

If someone is kind of person who is still using ‘6969’ as the pin, which is somehow not far hackable. Here, Apple’s Safari will suggest and help you set a strong password. Not only that, the Siri can help you remember the passwords user have forgotten.

The iOS 12 apps are enabled to an advantage of latest advancements in ARKit. The object detection let nearby objects become a part of Augmented Reality (AR) apps.

There is one way to build compelling AR experiences, and that is to recognize the features of the user’s environment and use them to trigger the appearance of virtual content.

In iOS 12, one can create AR experience by enabling object detection in ARKit. iOS apps provide reference objects, which encodes 3D spatial features of known real-world objects, and ARKit will tell, when and where it detects the corresponding real-world objects during an AR session.

Core ML: a toolkit that helps iPhone Developers to integrate the machine learning models into the iOS Apps (Such as Barcode scanner, face and landmark detection) This time iOS 12 comes with the amazing Core ML 2, which is further simplifying the machine learning integrations, with the help of fewer lines of code.

It supports expensive deep learning possibilities, and with that Core ML 2, the iOS App Developers can run an On-Device machine learning models, which eliminates the need for analyzing the data of multiple servers.

Moreover, Create ML — the new framework added to iOS12. Create ML allows developers to build machine learning algorithms with a little expertise. iOS App Makers can now accomplish some task without the need for separate servers, the OS itself can train the custom data.

If you’ve got any other questions about iOS 12, be sure to leave them in the comments, and I’ll answer them as best I can as I learn more about iOS 12.