HubSpot will partner with marketing data engine Supermetrics, a partnership that the company hopes will help address reporting challenges for its users. With the new Supermetrics partnership, HubSpot users can access, analyze and report data from across their HubSpot portals. Data can be imported and viewed in Google Sheets, Google Data Studio and Excel.

Why we should care

The “manual” processes involved in consolidating siloed data can be a tedious, and often attested part of an organizational reporting strategy. HubSpot users should be able to consolidate their data with other marketing data for cross-channel analysis and reporting, thanks to Supermetrics’ data engine.

“We have several automated dashboards set up for clients. Until this point, there was always a bar missing, which was customers, but now with Supermetrics’ HubSpot connector, we’ve been able to add that missing piece into the dashboards. This connector has helped us greatly on what we call “Operation Close the Loop,” said Maricarmen Vargas, digital account manager at Vuelo6, a Puerto Rico based marketing agency that uses HubSpot.

More on the news

The Supermetrics and HubSpot partnership will grant marketers access to a wide variety of new feature enhancements. Supermetrics/HubSpot will be able to:

  • Pull HubSpot marketing and sales data into a single spreadsheet or dashboard.
  • Measure the performance of the entire conversion funnel, from new visitors to closed customers.
  • Create custom automated reports that refresh daily in Google Data Studio.
  • Combine data from multiple HubSpot portals and create custom multi-account reports.
  • Combine HubSpot data together with data from other marketing platforms, such as paid, social, and web analytics tools and get a complete overview of marketing performance.

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