Audio experience company Vibenomics announced Tuesday the launch of an audio out-of-home (OOH) advertising marketplace, designed to connect advertisers with customers shopping in physical stores around the U.S. According to Vibenomics, advertisers can place audio ads to be broadcast over store speakers and target a national audience of up to 150 million shoppers (or 4,000 individual locations nationally).

First launched in 2017, Vibenomics provides background music and voice announcements for location-based businesses. With the OOH advertising marketplace, brands will be able to broadcast targeted, in-store audio messaging in any of the 4,000 locations where Vibenomics is a partner.

Why we should care

The consumer audio market is exploding with more listening options than ever (i.e. Spotify, podcasting, Apple Music), and advertisers are keen to take part in the growing audio supply. But outside of traditional radio advertising, it can be challenging for brands to target customers using audio in physical store locations, particularly since customers are not likely to be connected to their own individual devices.

An OOH audio advertising solution like Vibenomics can help brands connect with customers using background ads broadcasted over the store speakers as they shop. Whether through audio campaigns that deliver brand awareness or with ads that drive in-store action, the service will enable advertisers to reach customers in an environment where they are already engaged to purchase.

“Vibenomics is enabling brands to make the most of the emerging digital audio ecosystem by unlocking a whole new placement option that serves both the audio and OOH advertiser markets,” said Paul Brenner, the company’s chief strategy officer. “We will build up our Audio Out-of-Home Advertising Marketplace with real-time custom branded and curated content, dynamic music and programmatic advertising across all marketing verticals and categories.”

More on the news

Advertisers who access Vibenomics’ audio out-of-home advertising marketplace will be able to take advantage of the following:

  • 100% uninterrupted share of voice in physical store locations – where other audio providers aren’t always able to broadcast.
  • Full-service in-house audio production team can turn around IAB-standard digital audio creative in hours
  • Brand-safe placements immune to ad fraud
  • Dynamic, in-stream, programmatic digital audio ad insertion

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