API for companies ⚙️

Have a dynamic website with content that changes all the time?

We got you covered. We are rolling out an easy-to-use API for companies (eg. social media platforms)

With this API, you can keep your users with photosensitive epilepsy safe, by allowing them to opt out of seeing GIFs and videos that may be harmful.

Send a message in the chatbox if you are interested.

Story behind the product ?

I decided to build

Epilepsy Blocker

after reading articles about people having seizures online

It took me two months of all day – all night – coding. I had to read numerous guidelines and scientific papers

You can read more details about the story and the tech behind it in

this Twitter thread

This is a free, spin-off product of Epilepsy Blocker, built to help UX Designers design safer websites.

Hope it helps!