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VLNC Studio


from France with 7.22

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Vlnc is an Art Direction and Design studio based in Paris. We create digital experiences, social media content, interactive concept, commercials, and branding.

  • Kyril Kulikov

    Founder and Creative Director at Norde Agency

  • Jean Naudy

    Co-founder/Art Director at Mashvp

  • Sunny Rathod

    Creative Director & CEO @ Trionn Design

  • Denis Lomov

    Red Collar, Creative director

  • Kornilov Slava

    Creative director in Geex Arts

  • Jean-Baptiste Giffard

    Disko – Creative Technologist

  • Gil Huybrecht

    Designer at Ollie & freelance designer

  • Michael Vestergaard

    Freelance at I like to play

  • Roman Trilo

    Freelance Interactive Designer at UNIT9

  • Pier-Luc Cossette

    Designer & Front-end Developer

  • Edgar De la Cruz

    Elephant – Design Lead, Art

  • Enjoythis

    Independent Creative Director & Designer

  • Flayks

    Freelance Art Director and Digital Designer

  • Awwwards Users

    Awwwards Users – Pro and Chief

  • Vova Lukashov

    Creative Frontend Developer at Red Collar

  • Alaa Alnuaimi

    Creative Director and Founder at -99 design studio

  • Lennard van Diggelen

    Senior Front-end Developer @ Sennep Ltd

    • Charlie Montagut

      Charlie Montagut from France

    • Autonomy



      From United States

      September 13, 2019

    • ESPN - Body



      From Denmark

      September 12, 2019

    • Leon Sans



      From United States

      September 11, 2019

    • HI x NY



      From Netherlands

      September 10, 2019

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