Skip the attribute, stick to {CSS}

Import aug-attr-spliced.js to have the

augmented-ui attributes automatically
added and updated, live, from your CSS to
your HTML with a new custom property:


Use aug-attr-spliced.js in any project, for free.

· Free :: BSD 2-Clause License

· Open Source :: NPM  GitHub

.my-spliced-augs {

    –augmented-ui: tr-clip exe;

    –aug-br: 25px;


  augmented-ui=”br-clip exe”>


  augmented-ui=”br-clip exe” />


augmented as soon as the page loads, based on the CSS

input:hover {

    –augmented-ui: l-clip r-clip exe;

    –aug-l: 10px; –aug-r: 10px;



augmented-ui=”l-clip r-clip exe”
augmented-ui=”br-clip exe” />


augs applied on :hover in/out, as defined in the CSS