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Product Disrupt

Sep 20



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Dribbble shots that we found interesting for this month’s round-up.

Kikk Festival 2017 — About Page by Dogstudio

Landmark — Homepage by Dogstudio

AI for Marketing Suggestion by Dwinawan for Paperpillar

Why Slack? by Gene Ross for Ueno

Chatlio — Features by Filip Justić for Balkan Brothers

Behance projects that we found interesting for this month’s round-up.

Music Mobile UI Kit by Marko Jotic & Damjan Krivosija for Creative Form Studio

Endomondo Redesign Concept by Adam Bałazy, Kamil Bachanek, Kamila Mitka, Kohut Piotr, Michał Jarosz, Dawid Sobecki & Milosz Pirog for 10Clouds

Instalend — Website by Martin Strba

Talklife — An iOs social network app by Gregoire Vella & Simon McCade

Groundwork — Better team payments by Łukasz Pachytel for Netguru

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