There’s been a ton of great stuff flying around about variable fonts lately (our tag has loads of stuff as well). I thought I’d round up all the new stuff I hadn’t seen before.

  • Google fonts has a beta of hosted variable fonts and the announcement demo is on CodePen.
  • Speaking of Google Fonts, Recursive is pretty lovely and will be coming to Google Fonts. It even has a little playground for its variable possibilities.
  • The annual release of the new default WordPress theme (“TwentyTwenty”) will be done by Anders Norén. It’ll be a rejigger of Chaplin and be all ready to have cool Gutenberg blocks. The font will be Inter, which is lovely and, of course, a variable font. The screenshots look great.
  • Here’ a nice demo of a slider UI where the active slide has beefy thick font that animates to a thin variant on non-active slides. I still love the look of animating font weight, like this Marvin Visions site and Michelle Barker’s Breathing.
  • There is something about variable fonts that gets people in a weird mood (just look at Mandy Michael’s demos). But usually, the experiments are still typographic in nature. Not so with Typearture, where the demos are planes and cars and trucks and pigs and all sorts of weird stuff that is blowing minds. Like this galloping horse!
  • Remember that Wakamai Fondue (the best name ever for a site) is great at unearthing the technical possibilities of a variable font.
  • Visual demo of variable fonts interpolated in WebGL.
  • Grammato has a pretty bold proclamation of being a next-generation of typography. Not handwritten or a handwriting-font, but a handwriting-esque font that leverages variables fonts to somehow do its thing. Not sure I totally get it, but the site is nice.
  • Saved the most fun font for last: This Man This Monster from COMICRAFT is super cool looking and has unusual variable font variables: Bite, Chew, and Wonk (as opposed to the normal stuff you see, like weight and slant).