One of the most powerful ways you can communicate and convey your message is by incorporating your designs with beautiful fonts. We’ve come up with 37 of the best font pairings you can use in a wide range of projects.

Fonts and font pairings are one of the most crucial parts of a design. It allows you to create a wide range of effects and moods by utilizing different styles of typography.

Choosing the right font combination for your projects can make a huge difference. You’ll be able to create beautiful and compelling designs instead of dull and lifeless ones.

So which fonts look good and work great together? Read on to find out!

Best Font Combinations


Suisse Works and Suisse International

Suisse Works is about the clarity of information, simplicity, and structure. It’s a serif typeface and created by Party of Swiss Typefaces. It’s also under the superfamily of Suisse fonts. It has a text face similar to the style of the good old Times New Roman. 

It will pair perfectly with a neo-grotesque typeface like its counterpart, the Suisse International. The font has a design that follows the style of Helvetica and other Swiss neo-grotesque font faces.

There are some subtle differences though which are more noticeable in terminals and counters.

What makes the Suisse family great is that it creates a massive superfamily when paired together and works harmoniously at that. 

Suisse Works

Price – Approximately USD 161.59 or CHF 160

Suisse International Collection

Price – Approximately USD302.99 or CHF300


Domaine and Feijoa

When you want your design to have a distinctive presence, this font pairing is perfect for you. Domaine is the kind of typography that can make even the worst word look good.

The pretty font comes with organic and yet precisely controlled forms with ragged serifs adding to its naturalistic appearance. 

It has an elegance that will work best with the typeface Feijoa, which has similar traits with Latin serif script. It doesn’t have straight lines providing a sensuous and warm contrast to Domaine.

The functional typeface also features rounded corners and curved straights that can provide your overall design with stunning calligraphic quality. 

Feijoa’s curvaceous nature is just the right contrast to the mindfully deconstructing style of Domaine. 


Price – USD300 (Text Family) USD1,000 (Complete)


Price – USD150 (Family)

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Suisse Work and Andale Mono

The font combination is a beautiful contrast of classic and contemporary that works really well with a modern design. 

The monospaced sans-serif Andale Mono font-face is created in 1995 by Steve Matteson. Its purpose is to provide programming with an extremely legible font for usage.

It is used to come with Microsoft Windows as one of their core fonts but is now bundled with Lucinda Console. 

Both typefaces evoke simplicity and work well on the text. While Andale Mono is highly readable even in small point sizes, Suisse Works is highly effective when set at large point sizes for your headings.

Andale Mono

Price – USD89

creative boom
Creative Boom

GTF Opposit and GT Walsheim

The font pairing of GTF Opposit and GT Walsheim works really well for a billboard, posters, and ad campaigns where you want to make an impact at first glance. 

Opposit is best at sending out strong messages that you want to many people to see. The eye-catching typeface is a high contrasting sans serif with reverse contrasts from average fonts such as the GT-Walsheim. 

The opposite contrast with thicker horizontal strokes and thinner vertical strokes is balanced by the interesting characteristics of the geometric sans, GT-Walsheim.

GT Opposit

Price – Approximately USD385 or EU350

GT Walsheim

Price – USD1080 (Pro-Family) or USD720 (Family)


Fakt Pro Normal and ITC Clearface

The font pair will give your design a unique touch combined with a 70’s feel. Fakt comes with geometric and grotesque characters making the font somewhat unusual. You can also toggle between those styles since you can get them as alternates.

On the other hand, ITC Clearface is a serif typeface with a distinct character to it, which expresses the Zeitgeist.


Price – Approximately USD1,541 or EU1,400 (Superfamily)

 ITC Clearface

Price – USD35 (Individual syles)


GT Sectra Display and Heebo

GT Sectra and Heebo is a perfect example of serif and sans serif font pairing. The angular serif GT Sectra combines the calligraphic nature of a wide nip pen with a scalpel knife’s sharpness, which defines the contemporary appeal of the typeface.

On the other hand, Heebo is very readable on web pages and has that warm and approachable vibe. 

The letter proportions of GT Sectra is consistent with a classic serif like Heebo. The mixture of unique visual style, high legibility, and easy to read makes the font combination makes for a professional-looking design.

GT Sectra

Price – USD1350 (Full family)


Price – Free


Sharp Sans Display No.1 and Morion

The font combination is Avant-Garde meets slightly playful, making Sharp Sans Display No.1 and Morion perfect together. 

The relentlessly geometric Sharp Sans Display No. 1 is an innovative sans-serif typeface with an interlocking ligature system. It also has an extremely legible spacing and features true italics, which is a delightful welcome to its genre. 

Conversely, Morion has a slightly fun, calligraphic style but still maintains its control and balance. It works well in larger, decorative purposes.

However, it comes with open type features such as its lower case “a” option that increases the readability of small text sizes.

Combining the two stylistic elements of Sharp Sans Display No. 1 and Morion typefaces makes for a compelling design that can capture the attention of people. 

Sharp Sans Display No.1

Price – USD350 (All styles)


Price – USD45 (Family)


ITC Ronda and Calibre Regular

The font pair ITC Ronda and Calibre Regular is a cool geometric font face combo. It will give your design projects with a clean and contemporary touch.

They are the perfect typography to use if you’re aiming for a minimalistic style with plenty of white spaces.

We first saw the geometric constructed forms of Ronda in 1970 while the geometric neo-grotesque Calibre in 1958. Ronda presents a modern, clean look in all applications.

The shapes of its capital B, P, and R, are its distinguishing qualities, while Calibre has a very distinct letter A, which is unlike anything from its genre. You may not like it at first, but it will surely grow on you. 

ITC Ronda

Price – USD35 (Individual styles)


Price – USD350 (Family)


Chap and Moderat

The Chap and Moderat font pairing is a remix of old and new. You’ll love the fluidity that the combo offers. Chap has that classic nib-pen style combined with the 90s geometric vibe. It features pen-drawn shapes reminiscent of the modern 90-degrees digital presets. 

Meanwhile, the geometric Moderat is from the sans-serif font face family, enhanced with a set of open type features. Its set of pretty nice stylistic alternates and moderately tight apertures work harmoniously with the sharp angles and high stroke contrast of Chap.

Additionally, the readability of the Chap font will coexist easily with the modern geometric sans.


Price – Approximately USD468 or EU425 (Family)


Price – Approximately USD418.40 or EU380 (Web)


URW Classico and Monument Grotesk

URW Classico is a remake of the URW under the popular Optima sans-serif font by Hermann Zapf. With corrections of the original and many additional accented glyphs, it became even more perfect for both titles and body text.

Classico is best paired with any member of the grotesque family of text such as the Monument Grotesk. The quality and powerful font-face has great versatile and make an excellent contrast to Classico.

You can easily implement the font combination in your new projects for a unique and standout style, including book designs and bold editorial statements.

URW Classico

Price – Free download

Monument Grotesk

Price – Approximately USD356or EU324 (Essentials)


GT Pressura Mono and GT America Standard

GT Pressura Mono takes inspiration from shipping boxes where its edges and corners run within the color. On the other hand, GT America bridges the gap between European Grotesque and American Gothic. Both typefaces are available through Grilli Type. 

The grotesque design of GT Pressura Mono utilizes the visual impression of a spreading ink under pressure as a stylistic means.

The condenses sans-serif pairs with its soft side and round corners pairs well with the versatility of GT America which is a combination of the design characteristics of traditional fonts to come up with a contemporary family of font faces.

GT Pressura

Price – USD630

GT America Standard

Price – USD945 (Full Family)


NY Irvin with Adobe Caslon

Adobe Caslon has been gracing us with its presence since 1722. The serif typeface was used during in the early 18th century during the British Empire.

Since then, it has gone through several revisions and redesigns to catch up with the change in technology. Today, it’s still one of the standards in typography.

NY Irvin is a great font pairing for Adobe Caslon, which is a font drawn for the New York Times to use. When in action, these typefaces create a unique combination that will make you feel like you’re in the renaissance period.

However, both are versatile, and you can use them in various design projects, including posters and documents.

Adobe Caslon

Price – Free download

NY Irvin

Price – USD55 (Individual styles)


Mackinac with Cadiz Regular

The font pair will bring elegance and functionality to your designs. Cadiz is a space-saving font that holds a lot of the early details of the typeface of the early 20th century. It brings clarity when combined with Mackinac, which connects the New World with the Old.  

Cadiz exudes simplicity and grace, while Mackinac features a modest contrast of thin and thick. They’re one of the font combinations you’d want to use for packaging, publishing, advertising, and signage. 


Price – Approximately USD280 or CHF277


Price – Free for download


Poppins with Georgia

Poppins and Georgia font combo is perfect if you want a good design but doing as little design as possible.

Although Georgia may not be on your favorite list of fonts, you can’t deny its versatility and how well it works when displaying text on screens. This serif is a bit formal but will remain visible no matter the size of your screen. 

The intimate and friendly typographic personality of Georgia fits well with the geometric shape of Poppins. Its letterform has a perfect spacing between its character and height and will look greater either as its body text or heading. 

The almost monolinear letterform of Poppins complements the modern appeal and Old World beauty of Georgia quite well. 


Price – Free for download


Price – Free for download


Brandon Text with Austin

Brandon Text and Austin is another good example of serif and sans-serif font pair. 

Brandon Text takes inspiration from the well-known geometric type sans-serif fonts of the 20s and 30s but possesses better legibility.

But you may not notice the font face right away if you’re like most readers since it doesn’t have that punch that its popular Brandon Grotesque family has. It does have a higher x-height though as well as optimized for screens, small texts, and long texts. 

Austin, on the other hand, was a newer typeface which took inspiration from the 18th-century designs of Richard Austin, a typography designer.

When its somewhat condensed letterforms and high contrast style is combined with the subtle charm of Brandon Text will result in a distinct and readable design.

Brandon Text

Price – USD40 (Individual styles)


Price – USD350

elena miska
Elena Miska

SCTO Grotesk A with Ivar 

If you want to give your projects with an assured stance that incorporates an overall welcoming character, the SCTO Grotesk A and Ivar is the font pairing for you.

SCTO Grotesk A is one of the most rational and least quirky neo-grotesque typefaces out there. It stayed away from simplistic solutions but rather opt for reader-friendly and animated forms. It’s not sterile but certainly matter-of-fact.

Its companion Ivar may be small but can provide your design with a big impact. The font has a sturdy construction and grace similar to Times and can go head-to-head with other dependable typography today. 

No doubt, the font combination can provide your design with a clear and solid font foundation.

SCTO Grotesk A

Price – Approximately USD468 or EU425 (Family)


Price – Approximately USD219 or EU199 (Complete)


Bluu Next with Roboto

If you want to give your design a modern and nonconformist font pair, use the combination of Bluu Next with Roboto. These typefaces offer various styles and amazing details that will not be left unseen.

Additionally, you’ll achieve a reading that’s more natural mixed in with a contemporary vibe.

Bluu Next is a serif font. It is precise and sharp and considered it’s perfect for your brutalist designs.

It’s a great choice for replacing those boring serifs such as the Times. The open and friendly curves of Roboto will complement its characteristics very well. 

Roboto is dual in nature and it doesn’t compromise its grotesque letterforms force an unyielding rhythm which allows it to settle in its natural width. 

Bluu Next

Price – Free for download


Price – Free for download


Bluu Suuperstar with Neue Haas Unica

What makes the brutalist typeface Bluu Suuperstar is its highly prominent triangular-shaped wedges. The strokes of the serif font are certain portions have been broken. Its heavier style is best when used as large headlines. 

Pairing it with Neue Haas Unica proves that you don’t need every element of your design to have the same characteristics to make it stunning.  

Neue Haas Unica is the revival of Haas Unica, and the reinvention of the classic Helvetica made to be legible in small text sizes. The sans-serif neo-grotesque font-face is warm and clear with a bit of loose spacing and narrower letterforms, which is a great contrast to its flashy font pair. 

Bluu Suuperstar

Price – Free for download

Neue Haas Unica

Price – Starts at USD49 (Individual styles)


Value Serif with Apercu 

The Value Serif and Apercu font pairing is a beautiful mix of contemporary, minimalist compositions, and amplifying the elements of your projects. 

Value Serif has a distinctive groove in some of its letters. It pays tribute to its ancestors the Italian Old Style and Plantin Infant. It’s complemented with the ovoid shapes of Apercu which loves to be combined with geometric fonts and bright colors even if your design is subdued.

You’ll be able to come up with eye-catching designs without pretensions but projects a relaxed and clear message that can capture the attention of viewers and readers. 

Value Serif

Price – Approximately USD55 or EU50 (Individual styles)


Price – Approximately USD55 or EU50 (Individual styles)


GT Sectra with IBM Plex Mono

If you want a serif font pair with calligraphic influence and friendly grotesque, GT Sectra and IBM Plex Mono should definitely be on your list. 

GT Sectra has a contemporary look defined by a scalpel knife’s sharpness. It’s very legible and has a one-of-a-kind visual character. It also features compact descenders and accents, which makes it a great choice if you have short line-height headlines. 

Combining it with the neutral IBM Plex Mono is especially beneficial if you’re designing editorial. The typeface balances design with engineered details. It has a unified visual appeal but still maintains the visual diversity of its characters.

GT Sectra

Price – USD1350 (Full family)


Price – Free for download


Tiempos Headline with Roboto

The serif Tiempos Headline is ideal if you want a fancier typeface for your simple body text. The display version of Tiempos Text features a tighter spacing as well as higher contrast allowing for elegant headlines. 

The simplicity and subtleness of the neo-grotesque Roboto sans-serif font work incredibly well with the interesting Tiempos Headline. Putting the two together allows you to make a statement in your projects while not detracting from your seed typography. 

Tiempos Headline

Price – USD650 (Full family)


Vesterbro with GT America Mono

Vesterbro is a type of font that provides a sense of being well-behaved blended in with optimism and a slight touch of playfulness. It has a charm that the highly versatile and functional GT America Mono emphasizes even further. 

The mashup is surprisingly good and refreshing. Vesterbro has enough distinction, calmness, confidence, and compelling appeal that works rather well with the Swiss Grotesk feeling of GT America Mono. 

The font combination is a perfect choice if you want your design to define emotion. It is especially handy for complicated branding and corporate identity projects where various styles are required.


Price – USD595 (Full family)

GT America Mono

Price – USD945 (Full family)

adjuvant capital
Adjuvant Capital

Orpheus Pro with GT America

The Orpheus Pro and GT America combo is a lovely mixture of elegance and contemporary. The font pairing is a great way to switch things up in your design.

The whimsical, slightly modern Orpheus Pro serif typeface with the modern sans-serif, GT America is a truly modern option but it works well at conveying the message of your project.

Orpheus Pro comes with a flowing italic style that’s beautiful and has a calligraphic feel. It’s especially noticeable in its alternate, swash characters, and ornate ligatures.

The typeface features a beautiful, flowing italic design that takes on a calligraphic feel, especially in the huge collection of ornate ligatures, alternate and swash characters.

GT America, on the other hand, is a versatile Gothic font with a Swiss mindset. Overall, the typography combination is music to the eyes.

Orpheus Pro

Price – USD249.95

faculty department
Faculty Department

Tiempos Headline with Neue Haas Unica

Tiempos Headline has a more traditional form while Neue Haas Unica is unique and elegant and can be paired with a wide variety of typefaces. These characteristics make for a classic font pair. 

The simple text and thin lines of Neue Haas Unica is the perfect combination for the tight spacing and high contrast of Tiempos Headline.

You can use them in conservative industries or corporate design that require traditional font combinations but without the element of dullness. The serif and sans-serif pair has enough professional feeling to it but interesting enough for your traditional design to veer away from boring.


Canela with Adieu

A display typeface, Canela takes is a fresh take on historical forms. It features flared stroke endings, which took inspiration from stone-carving. The crispness of its shape is a welcome balance to the high contrast and wide proportion design features of Adieu.

The vibrancy of the font pair may not be your typical combination as the rhythm and forms may not align with how you want to think of them. However, they offer a distinct voice to design projects that will not make them feel like you’re bringing people to something traditional.


Price – USD800


Price – Approximately USD495 or EU450 (Full family)

openhouse magazine
Openhouse Magazine

Sneak with EB Garamond

Fusing a modern sans-serif with a traditional serif is an effective way to pair fonts, like this Sneak and EB Garamond typefaces combo. 

Sneak is a neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface that features some reversed characters. Its top-heavy S has a peculiar style that made it look like it’s upside down. The crispiness of the font makes it great for larger text or headlines.

Pairing it with the classic EB Garamond result in your design having an engaging sense of balance. 

The stability and authority of EB Garamond and the simplicity of Sneak make for an eye-catching and versatile combo which you can use for your social media to poster graphics.


Price – Approximately USD385 or EU350 (Full family)

EB Garamond

Price – Free for download


Roslindale with GT America

Roslindale is an exciting typeface that will capture your attention right away with its many dimensions. The serif is a condensed headline with a traditional Victorian feel to it but is high contrast and slender inform. 

You can never go wrong when pairing the modern, elegant version of the historic old-style font with subtle moments and the versatility of GT America. You’ll achieve a mixture of contrast, stress, and texture while maintaining a dynamic and controlled design.


Price – Free for download


Canela with Univers

Canela is a robust typeface that is somewhere between a serif nor sans serif. It challenges traditional classifications and comes in sharp and soft forms. The modern fon with distinguished classical roots works extremely well the sans-serif neo-grotesque Univers.

The flexibility and neutralness of Univers balance the uniqueness of Canela and will instill your design with a feeling of warmness and trustworthiness.


Price – USD35 (Individual styles)


Larish Neue with Work Sans

The serif font-face Larish Neue has seen some updates to provide it a more contemporary appeal. It may not be as quirky as the Larish Alte, but it does offer a lot of distinguishing letterforms.

Pairing it with the open-source and free Work Sans font results in an impressive design project. It is optimized and simplified for both screen and print, thus making it quite popular these days so we’ll surely see a lot of it not only in graphics but on the web as well.

Larish Neue

Price – Approximately USD99 or EU90 (Individual styles)

Work Sans

Price – Free for download


Value Serif with Futura PT

The font pairing creates such interesting elements thanks to the distinctive and unusual design features of Value Serif, as well as the ubiquitous nature of Futura PT. 

Futura PT is a sans-serif geometric font-face that brings a sense of modernity to Value Serif.

On the other hand, the latter brings complexity and mystery to the simplicity of the geometric typeface. Your design will always feel modern but will have a unique edge to it. 

Futura PT

Price – Free for download


HK Grotesk with Leitura News

Pulling inspiration from classic grotesques, the sans-serif font HK Grotesk is multi-purpose. You can use it in a wide variety of designs and projects without being intrusive to the eyes of the readers.

Its distinctive character and friendliness make it suitable for small text and to pair with the sharp and crisp Leitura News serif typeface.

Leitura News is best used in an editorial. It’s an excellent tool kit for any typographer. It works well together with the minimalist HK Grotesk because of its harmonious consistency and contrast.

The best thing about the font pair is that they will not distract readers from the content. 

HK Grotesk Pro

Price – Free for download

Futura PT

Price – USD26 (Individual styles)


Times New Roman with Roboto

Times New Roman may be overused, but it’s still one of the most trustworthy typefaces out there. The go-to font has always been the star of documents and newspapers, pairing it with the right typography like Roboto can transform it into an effective headline. It brings emotion to the more or less void font. 

The typefaces make a great font pairing as the versatility and adaptability of Roboto can bring out the beauty in Times that we usually overlook.

Times New Roman

Price – Free for download

cup of couple
Cup of Couple

Perpetua Titling MT with ITC Franklin Gothic Std Book

Perpetua Titling MT is a display variant of the Perpetua serif typeface and originally meant to be a Monotype.

For decades, it has established itself as an excellent font to use for contrasting headlines, especially with sans serif font-faces like the ITC Franklin Gothic Std Book.

With its contemporary, crisp style and the design characteristics of ITC Franklin Gothic Std Book, you’ll obtain a modern design that can stand the test of time. 

Perpetua Titling MT

Price – Free for download

ITC Franklin Gothic STD Book

Price – Free for download


Domaine with Calibre

The font pair goes really well with the niche of the website. Ballet is a beautiful art and what better typography to use than those that evoke elegance and beauty. 

Domaine is a pretty typeface. Reading it feels like you’re strolling through a charming topiary garden. It has organic forms that are controlled meticulously, while its natural presence is further enhanced with little jagged serifs.

Calibre, on the other hand, is a distinct font that shares a handful of characters even though they were created simultaneously. It’s leaning more towards neo-grotesque, which is a genius move.


Price – USD300 (Text Family) USD1,000 (Complete)


Price – USD350 (Family)

borsen atelier
Borsen Atelier

Tiempos Fine with Mabry

The Tiempos Fine and Mabry font combination is trendy and contemporary. Both font-faces have so much personality, and yet they do not clash but rather complement each other beautifully. 

Mabry is a demure font with qualities that you’d want to take all in. It’s a hybrid sans-serif of the opposing aesthetics of rational geometric sans and irregular grotesques. The fancy font has controlled sweeping curves that go very well with the sharp details and high contrasts of Tiempos Fine.

Tiempos Fine

Price – USD300 (Family)


Price – Approximately USD50 or EU55 (Individual styles)

One medical

GT Super with Ginto Nord

GT Super and Ginto Nord is yet another superb example of serif and sans-serif font pairing. 

Ginto Nord is from the Ginto font family. It takes Ginto Normal to a different level by remixing its structure with wider proportions and pronounced details. It also stretches from fine hairlines to solid ultra-bold forms. 

On the other hand, GT Super is a rad 70s-inspired typography. It followed the footsteps of Perpetua Super, Times Modern, and Trooper Roman but expanded their unique traits in one consistent typography. 

Together, these versatile fonts offer high legibility without compromising the overall aesthetics of your design. 

GT Super

Price – USD900 (Family)

Ginto Nord

Price – Approximately USD446 or EU405 (Essentials)


Canela with Basis Grotesque

Canela is one of the most graceful display font-face you’ll find. It also defies a lot of traditional classes, wherein its forms draw a thin line between serif and sans-serif. Its traits are a mixture of sharp and soft, as well as modern and classical. 

Meanwhile, Basis Grotesque is a custom-made typography for Hotshoe, which was expanded for commercial use. It has a style that pulls inspiration from the early grotesques. However, it was injected with just enough twists to make it more shapely and behaved.

You’ll be able to create contemporary designs with a touch of playfulness, while still maintaining a professional vibe.

Basis Grotesque

Price – Approximately USD55 or EU50 (Individual styles)


There are numerous various styles available out there, so it’s quite challenging to find the perfect font pairs suitable for your project. There are millions of available typography out there, and you need to carefully think about which ones to combine since not all fonts are winners.

Fortunately, we’ve made your life a bit easier with this list of the 37 best font pairings to inspire you on your next design.