Adam Lisagor

We used to be Sandwich Video. In fact, we’ve been Sandwich Video since 2010, officially. But today, I’m so proud to announce our new name. A shorter name. Leaner, more agile. Why? Just feels right.

See, back in 2010 when it was time to name a company, I thought it would be kind of funny to take my online moniker (short for @lonelysandwich) and slap “Video” on it in a slightly confusing way. I like things that are named like other things. A restaurant named like a power tool. A band named like a cereal. Like, is Sandwich Video a deli or a rental store? Do those even still exist? (There were still some kicking around in 2010, which I know because I did a signage study of LA video stores and mocked this up as an early logo concept.)

Eventually the ambiguity wore off and Sandwich Video had established itself as the upstart little production company for hot new tech companies to get great bespoke videos. We called them “videos” then because what else could they be? Demos? Promos? Probably not “commercials” and definitely not “content”. We made videos for clients, and our output had its own built-in subgenre: if you went to Sandwich Video, you ended up with a Sandwich video. And our style was distinct, so everybody knew it was a Sandwich video. Video video video.

So what gives? Why no more Video? Is video dead? I mean, we still make videos, so video is not dead. Video: now more than ever. But we mostly make commercials these days. We took the format we pioneered on the web and transposed it over to TV, and now, we do “advertising”. We make “creative” which is not something you would have gotten me to say out loud before around ~2016. And if you make creative, you are an agency.

And an agency should be called something short and punchy. An agency needs a new logo and a cool new website. So about a year and a half ago, we started talking to a branding agency that mostly works with space companies, called Cosma Schema. And we worked with them (them being Andrew Sloan and Bob Lenz) to figure out who we are, design a brilliant new logo that looks great on a hat, and develop a very good new website.

That is our brilliant new logo. When this one popped up in a concept review session somewhere in the middle of the second round under the name “Flavor Town”, our jaws dropped to the floor and we all fell instantly in love because it is just so Sandwich.

So, what is Sandwich? When people ask me why the company is called Sandwich, I can’t just say I thought it was a funny name, I can’t say I named my company after myself, or even that I have always been fascinated by the image of a person eating a sandwich while sitting alone, so instead I say this: a sandwich is the perfect content delivery device. It is a whole meal, and you eat the packaging. It is infinitely extensible. People love sandwiches.

(be sure to try Agency Mode)

And as for our website, you have to see it to believe it. To me, it’s a masterpiece. It’s the thoughtful culmination of nearly ten years of hard work making videos and commercials for some of the world’s most interesting companies. It encapsulates our brand and our culture and our whole body of work, and oh the colors. Please visit our new website, and let us know what you think.