Remember the struggle of finding the perfect gift for all the different people in your life? So. Much. Pressure. 

As PPC marketers, we have the added responsibility of promoting the giftable products our clients sell and making sure we’re pushing the right products to the right audience. It’s almost double the pressure. 

Microsoft Advertising (my employer) has analyzed all the data and trends from last year to bring you key insights to help you optimize your campaigns. Bonus: This also serves as a handy, data-backed gift guide, for double the win! 

Grab yourself a comforting cup of hot chocolate, it’s time to dig in. 

Step 1: Understand the differences in gift-shopping patterns between Hanukkah and Christmas 

Buying gifts is buying gifts, right? Not quite. The research revealed that gift-giving behavior differs significantly between Hanukkah and Christmas.

It starts with the length of the decision journeys.

Hanukkah shoppers are instant converters as ~70% of users began and ended on the same day. Conversely, ~70% of Christmas shoppers took multiple days to complete their journeyi

While Christmas and Hanukkah shoppers took 23 and 5 days on average respectively to convert, if we dive deeper into the overall journey lengths, we see a marked difference. 

With Christmas shoppers, we see multiple spikes spread out over a longer period:


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