Public Type Works enables the creation of new open source fonts.

See those three fonts above? They are just the latest that talented type designers would like to make and give away.  If enough people show interest by chipping in with a small financial contribution (comparable to a cup of coffee/tea/whatever), we can bring these fonts to life.

Public Type Works is a platform for individuals, informal groups, and foundries.

We love type and we love open source projects, so we created a space for designers to release fonts to the world while still putting food on the table.

Feel like you and your work belong here? Cool, let’s go

The Process


Without going through the process of designing a fully functioning font, type designers create mockups of what the almost finished font will look like. They then post it here, with an overview of what is to come, including language support, proposed styles, and a profile outlining their type design experience.


The designer decides how many people they need support from. If the final deliverable includes just one style, the goal might be a few hundred people. If it’s a variable font, the goal might be 1000 people. The public then can show their support by pledging a few dollars. This gauges interest in turning the draft into a finished typeface.


When the goal is met, the designer completes the font and delivers it here. Then (and only then), pledges are processed and the funds are distributed to the designer. The font is released with an Open Font License, so anyone can get the font for free and use it for commercial purposes. Supporters will have it delivered to their inboxes right away.

That’s the brief overview. Want some more juicy details?