TripAdvisor launched TripAdvisor Connect this week. The branded content ad product pairs the travel site’s audiences with the ad inventory and targeting capabilities of third-party sites. It is rolling out first on Facebook and Instagram, and the company said it plans to bring the ads to more media channels soon.

The ads will appear as co-branded content posts with TripAdvisor’s logo and company name and the “Paid Partnership” language at the top of the ad:

he TripAdvisor website and app,” said Christine Maguire, Vice President, Advertising Revenue, TripAdvisor, Inc. in a statement.

According to the company, 49% of travelers claim the site “inspired” them to visit a new destination. In other words, a large segment of consumers searching for a new travel or dining experience have visited TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor advertisers can now retarget those audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

More on the news

  • The TripAdvisor Connect ads will link to the advertisers website, or to the advertiser’s business listing on TripAdvisor if one exists.
  • Pricing varies depending on audience size and targeting and can be based on a CPM model or performance model, including CPC, cost-per-engagement or cost per video view.
  • TripAdvisor reports that 60% of travelers who book online say they visit the site during the decision-making process.

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