If you are designing a B2B product, you are basically designing a product for the ‘people’. Learning how to create user personas in UX helps you get to know these people better so you can satisfy their needs better.

Why create personas?

User personas in UX design are effective guides to determine the path to follow while developing a B2B product. When you know what each step targets are located, you will never get lost during the process. Also, you will draw the best route to go, as you know the conditions and expectations in your destination, which is your user. This is a perfect way to boost productivity.

Creating personas is not very easy, though. For maximum clarity, you need to consider all the detailed features of your user personas in UX. The more precise your focus is, the higher the conversion rates you get from your efforts will be.

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3 Steps for creating User Personas in UX

User personas represent your target audience. During the persona defining process in UX, you need to focus on the real people rather than your dream audience.

If you want to see what an example of user persona in UX design looks like, check out our article User Persona Examples.

Here are 3 crucial steps that answer the question “how to create user personas”.

1- Write down the features to be determined

There are various user persona types; however, there are basic features to consider while defining your persona. You may see different lists of features, but they usually serve the same purposes. So here is our list of user persona features:

  • Occupation,
  • Demographics,
  • Their personal story,
  • The challenges in their stories,
  • What they require to overcome these challenges,
  • A clear and a descriptive quote by them.
how to create user persona research

2- Never give up detailing your research

Creating a user persona requires detailed research to end up with a clear persona. As you have a list of features to determine, you know what you need to conduct your research on. There is no single source of information to learn about your target audience, you need to do interviews, read forums and reviews, consider your own experience, etc.

You need to dig as deep as you can. There is no ideal number of real person references to create the best user persona. Add all the information you obtain during the research under the appropriate features on your list. You will know when it is time to end your research because your persona will start feeling like a real person.

3- Organize the information you obtained

Your detailed research will provide you with a bunch of information. Now, it is time to organize and categorize what you have. Realize which qualities are more common than the others. Remember that we are trying to know the ‘typical’ user, so focus on common points.

For example;

  • If there are 15 digital marketers but only one teacher, ignore the teacher.
  • If the majority is older than 30 years, ignore the audience under 30.
  • If the majority cares about the user-friendly design over price, consider premium versions.
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You don’t need to address everyone, minimize your target audience for maximum efficiency. Take your time to find out all the intersecting qualities for B2B user personas just so you can offer the best solutions to make a difference with your B2B product design.

In particular, the challenges and needs are the key points to design a perfect product because the bottleneck is where your audience needs your help.