Google has steadily been bringing its newest Material Theme to an ever-expanding list of products. After hitting the more popular apps, like the Play Store and the productivity suite in Drive, Google has moved on to bringing its less popular offerings into the fold. First, Blogger received a surprise coat of Material Design paint, and now the 15-year-old book preservation project, Google Books, is getting the same treatment.

Google Books is an ambitious project that sought to digitize the world’s printed books and make them accessible to the global community. After 15 years of development, it continues to be a powerful resource for students, professionals, and hobbyist readers alike.

Today’s update gives Google Books a much-needed redesign, bringing it to parity with Google’s other Material-themed apps and services. According to Google, this update centered around helping readers quickly find specific details, like book descriptions, author histories, related works, and reader reviews. The search engine within Google Books was also revamped, allowing readers to search for key phrases and excerpts down to the page number and paragraph.

You can check out the redesigned Google Books interface here. This update is not to be confused with Google Play Books, which received its most recent Material Design update in January.