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“As a curious kid constantly growing, I’m really excited about being part of this community and learning, sharing and supporting here.”


“For a while I’ve been looking for an online forum-style community that’s inclusive, active, and friendly. Super glad that I found Webwide, it’s exactly what I’m looking for!”


Meet new people

Expand your network with our webwide community.

Discuss industry news

Keep up to date and get the full picture on industry news.

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Count on us to get you out of a tough spot.

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Pay it forward by sharing your tips with others.

Get design feedback

Receive real feedback on your designs and builds.

Participate in challenges

Join in our friendly code and design community challenges.

Showcase projects

Show off your projects and keep us up to date on progress.

Celebrate wins

Celebrate your wins, big or small. We’ll be cheering you on.

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Share your blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc.

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Visibility for your contract/for hire services.

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Start sharing writing without the pressure of a blog.

Collect trophies

Build your trophy collection as you participate.

A platform built for you

The Webwide community is run as a passion project, not for profit, by members active themselves.


No embedded 3rd-party ads or ad trackers.

Dark themes

Select from multiple light and dark themes to customise.

Transparent develoment

Regular updates, discussions and voting shape the platform.

Code of conduct

Creating a welcoming space for all who share our values.

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