As consumers become increasingly aware of how personal data can be exchanged for value, their expectations from brand interactions are growing — especially for retail brands entering the holiday season.

According to a survey from customer data platform RedPoint Global, 75% of consumers said that they wish retailers understood their personal preferences better and would use those insights to inform future offers.

Why we should care

While the survey specifically focuses on the upcoming holiday shopping season, personalization is not a passing marketing trend. Nearly 60% of survey respondents indicated that they are more likely to purchase from retailers who send them personalized content and offers. With personalization driving conversions and sales, marketers should anticipate that consumer expectations are only going to climb higher when it comes to delivering the right offers.

“It’s clear that consumers have had enough of irrelevant communication from brands that fail to leverage personal preferences and engagement history,” said Redpoint Global chief marketing and strategy officer, John Nash. “Every buyer expects to be treated as a unique individual — and the holiday season is an ideal time for retailers to deliver on these preferences and win customers over.”

But in order for brands to deliver the personalized experience consumers crave, it’s important that marketers consider how consumer data fuels personalized offers. Nash explained, “To achieve long-term loyalty… retailers must build effective relationships with each unique customer across all touchpoints — not just during the holidays, but all year long.”

More on the news

Additional insights from the survey include:

  • 74% of brand loyalty members expect brands to understand their needs and expectations better than other retailers where they are not a member.
  • Over a third of respondents remain loyal to their “go-to” brands for holiday shopping, saying they exclusively purchase from retailers that they have shopped with in the past.
  • Over a third of consumers surveyed said they made a holiday purchase on Amazon Prime Day in July 2019.

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