Sprinklr is joining the growing list of companies offering live chat capabilities. The new feature be will offered on the Sprinklr Modern Care marketing platform, making it possible to provide real-time support to website visitors and mobile app users.

Sprinklr Live Chat users can enable a chatbot or assign incoming chats to live agents. Agents will have access to a dashboard that displays all of the customer queries relating to a specific case and any efforts taken to resolve the issue. The chatbots are powered with artificial intelligence technology capable of answering standard queries.

The feature is customizable and includes “Smart Response Recommendations” which offer up suggested responses for live agents and AI-powered sentiment analysis to identify incoming chats as either positive, neutral or negative.

Why we should care

Responding to customers in real-time has become a necessity for brands wanting to provide an exceptional digital experience. By adding a live chat feature to its platform, Sprinklr is giving users a unified marketing solution with additional customer support capabilities.

A Fortune 500 company in the manufacturing industry reports Sprinklr Live Chat helped it double the number of daily customer queries it was able to respond to from 1,000 to 2,000. The company employed the feature on more than 50 websites in 40 different languages, decreasing its average response time to customer queries from 90 minutes to 25 minutes.

More on the news

  • Sprinklr Live Chat will allow users to exchange text, images, video and send attachments via the function, and businesses will have the option to “hide” the feature outside of business hours.
  • The feature includes Sprinklr’s existing technology capabilities, including automation and governance, to deliver a, “consistent experience across all brand channels.”
  • Founded in 2009, Sprinklr is headquartered in New York City and has offices in 15 countries.

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