LinkedIn launched Data Validation, a feature designed to help users manage their contacts and ensure they have the most up-to-date contact data. Data Validation will automatically flag contacts who are no longer with the company listed in users’ CRM.

Contacts who update their employer on LinkedIn will be automatically marked with a “Not at Company Flag” field in the CRM and can be used to trigger different CRM activities to keep records updated.

The latest update to Sales Navigator also includes an integration with Bing geographic data design to help users identify the best prospects on a location-based level.

Why we should care

For sales and marketing teams that rely on Sales Navigator, the combining of LinkedIn and CRM data through data validation could positively impact their efforts by proactively keeping accounts updated.

Syncing account data between LinkedIn and the CRM will help users identify opportunities at risk due to prospects leaving a position during an open opportunity. It also identifies contacts from past customers or opportunities who have started roles at new companies. These factors, along with a report flagging potential contacts that need to be updated, are all included in out-of-the-box reports from Sales Navigator.

More on the news

LinkedIn is also adding new capabilities to Sales Navigator for administrators, including:

  • InMail performance stats: Admins will have the ability to see reps’ InMail acceptance rates, measured by positive responses from LinkedIn members.
  • Expertise levels: Admins will be able to have insight into each team member’s performance and level within Sales Navigator to identify team members in need of additional enablement.
  • Additional filters and exports: Improved CSV exports give administrators the ability to filter out inactive users and organize charts by custom date ranges, groups and users.
  • Data update: LinkedIn has also added the ability for Saved Leads and Accounts to include all save actions to provide an accurate view of activity on a specific day.

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