Oracle has launched two new solutions, the Digital Sales Solution and its customer data management (CDM) platform for Oracle Service Cloud. The Digital Sales Solution is the latest addition to the Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud suite and has a new user interface to help sales representatives recognize and qualify good opportunities and move on from bad opportunities quickly.

Why we should care

B2B buyers have high
expectations for brand interactions. Many expect timely, relevant and
personalized engagements from brands — and the people representing them. The
new solution is designed with a user interface that prioritizes speed and is
intended to guide sales representatives through the process efficiently.

The new solution also seeks to help sales representatives save time by reducing the number of fields needed to find and update customer relationship management (CRM) records. The Digital Sales Solution uses the Oracle Digital Assistant throughout the program to help users find key data on customer accounts and adding product or pricing information to records.

Oracle’s new CDM for
B2C Service includes a Customer Data Hub to connect access to data from
disparate systems. It also uses AI and machine learning to merge and update
data from multiple sources.

More on the news

  • The Oracle Digital Assistant is one of the first applications designed in the new Redwood UI.
  • The home screen is continuously updated with a notification stream of items needing attention or actions and includes quick links to the account records.
  • The Digital Sales Solution has integrated the necessary CRM activities into a streamlined process consisting of only four steps for sales representatives.

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