These are the actual people portrayed by actors in the new film.

  • The Ford team’s garage at Le Mans for the race. (Image source: Ford Motor Co.)

  • Shelby’s crew preparing the GT40s for the race at Ford’s Advanced Vehicles facility. (Image source: Ford Motor Co.)

  • The mighty Ford 427 Nascar engine, performing a Le Mans race simulation on the dynamometer. (Image source: Ford Motor Co.)

  • Driver Ken Miles during practice for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. (Image source: Ford Motor Co.)

  • The Shelby team’s pit area before the start of the race. (Image source: Ford Motor Co.)

  • Carroll Shelby (left) and Ken Miles (right) discuss plans for the race while driver Chris Amon rests in the driver’s seat. (Image source: Ford Motor Co.)

  • The traditional Le Mans race start, where the drivers run to the row of their parked cars, which sowed the seeds of the controversial race result. (Image source: Ford Motor Co.)

  • Ford GT40 #2 pits for service during the race. (Image source: Ford Motor Co.)

  • The staged 1-2-3 Ford GT40 finish, which produced the controversial race outcome based on the cars’ starting positions compared to their finishing positions. (Image source: Ford Motor Co.)

  • Official race winners Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon enjoy the spoils of victory with Ford president Henry Ford II. (Image source: Ford Motor Co.)

Seeing an exciting historical film always leaves viewers wondering about the real people who were depicted. Fotunately, Ford Motor Co. and Shelby American captured some photos during their 1966 bid to upset Ferrari at Le Mans and we’re able to see Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles as they sought to win the world’s biggest sports car race.