Each year during DesignCon, we recognize an engineer who is deemed by their peers to be the best of the best in engineering and new product advancements at the chip, board, or system level. The winner will be selected based on his or her leadership, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking brought to design/test of chips, boards, or systems, with particular attention paid to areas of signal and power integrity. 

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Vishram Pandit presented with the 2019 DesignCon Engineer of the Year Award
Vishram Pandit, 2019 Engineer of the Year, accepted the award from Naomi Price, Conference Content Director for DesignCon.

Last year we presented the award to Vishram Pandit. His goal is to share knowledge with the technical community that will one day create the CPUs for next-generation cars, phones, and servers. He is well on his way to making that happen; to date he has co-authored a book on Power Integrity for I/O Interfaces and is co-author of approximately 30 conference and journal publications, out of which 19 were presented at DesignCon. Those papers have received 3 best paper awards and 3 finalist awards. Other past award winners have been industry greats Dr. Mike Li in 2018, Heidi Barnes in 2017, Eric Bogatin in 2016, and Michael Steinberger in 2015.

Nominations are open from now until Tuesday, December 3, 2019. To be considered for this award , nominees must be active members of the DesignCon community and cannot be employed by the same company as the winner from the previous year.

Members of the Design News editorial staff will choose finalists from the nominees, and then the DesignCon and Design News communities will have the opportunity to vote for the engineer who will receive the 2020 Award. Watch for the announcement of the finalists and voting.

The winner of DesignCon’s Engineer of the Year Award will be provided with a $1,000 grant or scholarship to present to the educational institution of his or her choice.

You may nominate multiple people for the award, but please only nominate each person once. Multiple people nominating the same one engineer is encouraged. Feel free to nominate yourself or another engineer.

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