The digital experience platform Episerver has acquired Idio, a content intelligence and predictive analytics solution that helps companies deliver personalized content experiences. The acquisition will elevate Episerver’s existing predictive analytics capabilities with technology that determines the “next best step” in the customer journey, according to Episerver Chairman and acting CEO Adam Berger.

While Episerver already had a predictive analytics component as part of its platform, Idio’s ability to automatically index, analyze and categorize unstructured content data into a “structured content hub” gives Episerver access to more sophisticated personalization capabilities.

Berger called the acquisition part of Episerver’s roadmap for acceleration in the U.S.

Why we should care

More marketing and customer experience teams are taking a step back to focus on the full customer journey. By leveraging Idio’s predictive analytics technology — built to predict which content will best serve the customer based on real-time customer behavior — Episerver aims to give marketers and CX teams advanced personalization capabilities to improve the overall customer experience.

Because Idio’s technology is middleware, Episerver customers don’t have to do any integration work to use Idio capabilities. “Episerver plus Idio gives companies the technology they need to easily provide value to each individual in the form of truly one-to-one digital experience,” said Episerver Chief Product Officer Justin Anovick.

More on the news

  • Idio Co-founder and CEO Edward Barrow will continue to lead Idio which will remain a subsidiary of Episerver for now, with the full Idio team joining Episerver.
  • Andrew Davies, Idio co-founder and CMO, will focus on product marketing and product evangelism for the company.
  • No financial details were disclosed on the acquisition.

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