Deep work is a concept created by Georgetown Professor Cal Newport, who defines it as: “activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limits”.

Deep work is where you produce your best work. It decides company profit, feeds employee purpose and drives society forward. But the current state of knowledge work has made deep work virtually impossible.

Dewo is our attempt to fix it – to remove the distractions that keep you from focusing and identify the conditions for doing quality work. It’s your intelligent personal assistant for doing more of the work that matters.

The whole tool is driven by the Memory app, which captures everything you do across web and desktop. It’s the same app we use in Timely, our automatic time tracking tool used by over 5,000 companies across 130 countries. We care very deeply about the privacy of our user’s data, and have outlined exactly how we use it here.

Dewo’s machine learning then uses this data to analyze your productive patterns and make active suggestions to helps you work smarter. Each Dewo user effectively gets their own Deep Work Algorithm, trained using their data alone — which means Dewo’s outputs are tailored to every individual’s specific ways of working.

Not at all! The current version of Dewo is completely free to use. While we may offer premium features far in the future, for now it’s freely accessible to everyone.

For now, we’re inviting people into the beta in batches. Just sign up using the button above to save your spot in the queue! If you’re super keen to get in, you can jump the queue by inviting friends or colleagues to sign up as well. The more people you invite, the further forward you will move in the queue!