Account-based orchestration platform 6sense announced a partnership with Drift to provide a new integration between 6sense’s Company Graph and Drift’s Intel feature. The connection will provide curated company-level website visitor data to Drift Intel. 6sense will also provide account identification capabilities to the companies’ joint customers.

Why we should care

The more integrations, the better — right? Passing account-level data between platforms to create a full picture of accounts — and the customers who are part of them — could enable B2B marketers and sales users to identify key opportunities, red-flag accounts and more effectively communicate with key players.

conversational marketing platform helps users streamline the buying process.
The addition of 6sense’s Company Graph data will allow Drift Intel customers to
identify high-value prospects and enables them to engage them with targeted,  personalized messages.

“As traditional
marketing tactics like web forms and email have become less effective, sellers
and marketers have adopted new technologies like 6sense and Drift to target
accounts that meet their ideal customer profile — and that are in-market to buy,”
said Jason Zintak, CEO of 6sense. “The partnership between 6sense and
Drift enables B2B organizations to more effectively market and sell their
solutions by engaging key decision-makers with highly personalized messages at
the right time and place.”

More on the news:

  • According to David Cancel, founder and CEO of Drift, 68% of the B2B buying cycle is completed anonymously online before a consumer ever makes contact with a brand. 6sense and Drift Intel’s partnership could give marketers the ability to accurately identify and engage more of that 68%.
  • Joint customers will be able take advantage of integrating 6sense account insights with Drift’s personalized conversation capabilities.

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