Conversational marketing platform LivePerson has announced the launch of EmailConnect and SocialConnect. The solutions seek to allow brands and marketers to manage customer conversations and interactions across different channels from its centralized hub.

Emails, social mentions and direct messages will be accessible through the same conversational platform that LivePerson customers use to manage Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, SMS and Facebook Messenger among other channels.

Source: LivePerson

SocialConnect currently supports public and private Twitter and Facebook messages and plans to add more social channels in future releases.

Why we should care

The user interface of EmailConnect and SocialConnect allows users to switch between email threads to a messaging conversation, or from a Twitter mention to a direct message with one click. The ability to move a conversation to the consumer’s preferred platform delivers improved customer experiences and better results for brands, says LivePerson.

Bringing social and email into the same platform with other channels could significantly improve and streamline processes for marketers and their counterparts in service and sales.

and EmailConnect make it possible for any brand to easily bring social and
email into the cutting-edge world of conversational commerce,” said Alex Spinelli, CTO of LivePerson. “Even better,
they help brands lower costs and improve outcomes, all while cutting out
additional systems to deploy, learn, and manage.”

More on the news:

  • SocialConnect plans to add support for Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google My Business in the future.
  • Users will have access to LivePerson’s machine learning-powered personalization and intent-based tools, conversation routing and recommended content.

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