Bring back

the boring


Claims to be all-in-one, is mediocre at everything.

There are dozens of collaborative productivity tools on the market.

Not that we are significantly better.

We just can’t help building another one.

We have miserably spent 3 years of our lives and are still ashamed of the result.


Brace yourself, it won’t be a smooth ride.


custom apps,

breathe deeply.

Maybe, Fibery will be really good 2 years from now.

Learning Curve

Unfamiliar terms, new abstractions and an “original” API.

Missing Features

Automations, forms and external sharing, among other things.

Mobile Last

No Android or iOS apps, never tested on a touch screen.


Somehow you’ve managed to set this up.

It only
gets worse

from here

It’s not just the creator who suffers, but everyone else too.

Intolerable Quality

No QA engineer, poor test coverage and 150 open bugs.

Unpolished Interface

We cut corners to beat the deadline, sorry.

Unknown Uptime

Production cluster is a few days old, let’s pray for the best.


Why risk your reputation with unproven software?


with the tool

that works!

Nobody ever got fired for buying Atlassian.


Pick for a better wiki, more flexible structure and desktop apps.


Go for fast tables, diverse templates and an intuitive API.


Choose because of powerful formulas and automations.

But we have ? mortgages…

Made for detractors.

Fibery requires too much attention to get started.
It’s also more expensive than our current tools, so we will stick with what we have.

Technical Product Manager

We’ve got back to Jira, because it proved too hard for devs to get used to Fibery.
Jira is also more stable and functional.


Any darn fool can make something complex. It takes a genius to make something simple.

Singer and political activist

Inspired by investors.