As the CCPA deadline approaches, there are multiple companies offering tools for compliance. The latest comes from trade group Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). The DAA is a consortium of industry associations and responsible for the “ad choices” icon that appears on most online display ads.

Like ‘ad choices.’ Conceptually similar to ad choices, The DAA will enable online users to opt out of the sale or transfer of their personal data “across all of the DAA participating companies integrated into the new tools, from a single website or app.” There will be a comparable system for in-app advertising.

The advantage for consumers is that they can opt-out once and have that choice be recognized across the DAA advertising ecosystem, where the following logo appears.

Source: DAA

Components of the approach. The DAA says the tools will include:

  • A text link and new green icon for publishers to display on their web and app-based digital properties.
  • A publisher-hosted notice that will provide user information and control.
  • The capacity for consumers opt-out of the sale of data collected across websites and mobile apps participating in the DAA initiative.

The DAA says the opt-out tools will be available in English and Spanish and that “over the coming weeks” the organization will educate its members and the broader industry about how to implement them.

It’s not entirely clear how the DAA tools will interact or integrate with the IAB compliance framework. The IAB is a member of the DAA, as are the American Association of Advertising Agencies, American Advertising Federation, Association of National Advertiser, Better Business Bureaus National Programs and the Network Advertising Initiative.

Why we should care. By most accounts, the ad choices initiative has been unsuccessful with consumers due to a lack of understanding and engagement. However the prominent “do not sell my info” text could make this effort much “more successful” — success for consumers may mean the opposite for publishers and MarTech companies.

While the tool will address CCPA’s consumer opt-out requirements, the DAA counsels publishers to “seek their own technical tools to help them meet their requirements under the DAA’s guidelines and the CCPA itself.” In other words, the internal record-keeping and disclosure requirements CCPA imposes.

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