Martech platform Sprinklr has acquired Nanigans’ social advertising business, bringing the total amount of ad spend managed via Sprinklr’s Modern Advertising platform to more than $1.5 billion. Nanigans, a performance ad company supporting retail and gaming advertisers, will keep ownership of its incrementality business which focuses on measuring advertising effectiveness.

Sprinklr said “many former” ad specialists from Nanigans will be joining Sprinklr’s team. The deal includes the acquisition of Nanigans data management, predictive analytics, optimization, campaign management and granular real-time reporting attached to Nanigans’ ad business across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Why we should care

Sprinklr has positioned itself as a leading marketing technology platform and is aiming to be a full-scale customer experience provider, offering marketing, advertising, research and customer service solutions. The addition of Nanigans’ social advertising business will boost one of its primary areas of focus (social ad campaigns) and give Sprinklr access to new talent and a sizeable pool of performance advertising data.

“Sprinklr is also gaining an experienced team of leaders who understand how to help brands drive real business goals on social. I’m looking forward to seeing this team thrive as part of the Sprinklr family,” said Nanigans CEO Ric Calvillo.

More performance advertising data from Nanigans gives Sprinklr deeper insights into social ad campaigns, which, in turn, could help the platform better optimize client campaigns — especially with a new team of experienced ad specialists to back it up.

More on the news

  • The social advertising will be managed via Sprinklr’s Modern Advertising product.
  • Sprinklr CEO Ragy Thomas said the acquisition will enhance the company’s Modern Advertising platform while also helping brands, “Reduce the number of point solutions in their martech stack.”
  • Sprinklr recently rolled out more than 400 new updates to its platform, including integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Trustpilot.

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