Norwegian software developer Opera is about to roll out version 55 of its web browser for Android with a much-needed and much-welcomed night mode. And, much like Chrome has been working on in an offside flag, Opera will be turning white pages dark and tuning color temperature without going to a full-on color inversion.

The Night mode package is comprised of several elements including scheduling, a dark mode for the browser itself as well as the user’s keyboard through an experimental (maybe buggy) overlay, and, the biggie, dark web pages. Sites supporting dark mode CSS will obviously be able to go dark, but Opera is also able to inject its own changes to other sites’ CSS to turn their white backgrounds noir. Users can set how dim and warm their display panel can be.

Here’s a quick screenshot of how it will look on Android Police. Actual brightness levels in real life will vary.

Opera is the latest in a line of apps that have adopted modes that make nighttime usage less harsh on their users’ eyes.

Get it now on the Play Store or APK Mirror.

Opera browser with free VPN

Opera browser with free VPN