Finding new opportunities for designers has long been at the heart of the Dribbble experience. We know that meaningful projects and fulfilling design roles are paramount to a designer’s success, both professionally and personally. We’re proud to have played even a tiny part in millions of design careers over the last 10 years, and we’re thrilled to share several new initiatives that make it even easier to connect designers and design agencies to freelance, contract, and full-time opportunities.

We’re excited to announce updates to our Dribbble Pro subscription to help you build a thriving future in design.

Over the last year, we’ve been talking with designers and agencies about what they’re currently struggling with and a common theme quickly emerged: finding work. Agencies and designers shared time and again that this challenge is a cause of stress, landing new clients can feel random and unpredictable, and it’s a grind to maintain a pipeline of consistent work. So we set out to make freelance and full-time work easier to obtain, providing more stability to designers and agencies.

Today we’re excited to announce updates to our Dribbble Pro subscription to help you and your team build a thriving future in design.

Dribbble Pro

Our classic Pro subscription is packed with all of the amazing features that designers have come to rely on. From the ability to post beautiful high-resolution videos to the ability to add up to eight images or videos to a single Shot with our Multi-Shot feature, you can tell your work’s story in the most beautiful format.

What makes Pro particularly special its is a no-code portfolio (formerly known as Playbook, now part of Pro), powered by Dribbble and hosted on any domain you choose. Your Pro portfolio is populated by the same content you’re already sharing on Dribbble. This ensures your work is elegantly presented, always up-to-date, and curated the way you want it to be presented to the world.

We’re proud to share that our Pro subscription is packed with value and is designed with you and your career in mind. You’ll find everything from essential deals on popular design and freelance tools, to Shot scheduling and even the ability to turn off ads on the site.

Introducing Pro Business

We’re now making our Teams subscription a part of Pro—bringing together all of our amazing offerings for designers under one product line.

Pro Business is custom-made for freelancers, design agencies and in-house design teams. It has the same great features and benefits of our Teams subscription, now available to freelancers, plus the ability for all subscribers to quickly and easily find project work on Dribbble.

A dedicated page for your design team

As a Pro Business subscriber, you will have the ability to set up a dedicated design team profile and invite teammates to collaboratively show off the work you’re creating together. This is perfect for agencies and in-house design teams looking to elevate their presence in the design community.


New redesigned, enhanced job board posts

Looking to add designers to your team? As a Pro Business subscriber, your job board posts will stand out from the crowd. Not only will your logo be featured alongside your post for extra visibility, but you’ll also have the ability to show off highlighted work and members of your design team in your job post details. Because of these enhancements, jobs posted by Teams get 3.3x more views and 2x more applicants!

In our recent Global Design Survey, nearly 50% of designers shared that company culture is one of the most important elements in a job. These enhanced job board posts give Pro Business subscribers a seamless way to show off exciting roles and rooted company culture to potential new colleagues, right from the outset.


Get hired from every Shot you publish

Want to make it easier for clients to contact you on Dribbble? As a Pro Business subscriber potential clients will be able to message you directly from every shot your publish. That means as people discover your work on Dribbble, the ability to hire you will always be one click away.


Access our Pro Projects Board

Starting today, you no longer need to wait for project owners to find you, we’re bringing the projects to you.

Clients looking for freelance and short-term projects can now post those requests for free. This Pro Projects Board will empower you to fill your pipeline with meaningful, timely projects—you’ll be able to proactively message up to 10 potential clients every 30 days. It’s perfect for freelancers, agencies, and moonlighters looking for a new stream of work. New projects are added in real-time so there is always an opportunity waiting for you when you’re ready for it.


Find work you love

At Dribbble, our mission is to make designers successful—finding the work you love is a key tenet of that mission. Whether freelance or full-time, we’re dedicated to creating a platform that fosters thriving, fulfilling careers in design. We’re thrilled to introduce these new additions to the Pro lineup and can’t wait to see you and your teams create even more inspired work to share with the world.

Head over to the brand new Pro landing page to check out all the details.

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