It’s been a busy year for Boston-based digital experience platform Acquia. Following a majority investment by Vista Equity Partners in September, the company has announced its third acquisition of 2019 with the purchase of customer data platform AgilOne.

The CDP space has seen a lot of activity this year with global powerhouses like Adobe and Salesforce investing heavily in the technology. Bringing AgilOne’s capabilities to Acquia’s Open Digital Experience platform could help bolster the company’s offering by differentiating itself from the bigger vendors.

Acquia also acquired Mautic and Cohesion earlier this year and plans to add AgilOne’s machine learning capabilities to its Open Digital Experience Platform.

Why we care

AgilOne’s CDP pulls together data from online and offline technology platforms to build a single system of record, allowing brands to build better customer relationships and increase customer lifetime value. Its machine learning capabilities unify and cleanse customer data to enable effective segmentation practices.

Teams can bring their own machine learning models, choose from AgilOne’s pre-built models to automate segmentation or configure business-specific customization into their pre-built models, which are then accessible across the entire platform.

“Built on open source technology, AgilOne and Acquia together will bring in data from any third-party system via open APIs, making it much easier for marketers to gain this single view of the customer and deliver better, more relevant customer experiences and analytics across every channel,” said Dries Buytaert, Acquia’s co-founder, CTO, and chairman.

Rather than being locked-in by another vendor’s restrictions or limited to their marketing tools, Acquia’s open environment allows users to build and control their own integrations with other platforms. AgilOne’s capabilities should help tie together disparate data sets within a brand’s Acquia’s environment.

More on the news:

  • A recent study from Acquia showed that nearly three-quarters of marketers feel that technology has made it harder to deliver personalized experiences, with data being the foundation of the challenge.
  • AgilOne will be available to Acquia customers as both a standalone offering and as part of the Acquia Open Marketing Cloud.

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