Email marketing and analytics provider Twilio SendGrid has published its third Global Email Benchmark Report, with a portion of the study dedicated to analyzing email recipients and senders. The report found that 95% of Gen Z and Millennial respondents stated that their personal email — notably not their work email — is essential to their daily lives.

The study also examines factors including open rates, send frequency, personalization and different media types to provides monthly engagement data from over 60 billion emails.

Why we care

Over the past couple of years, you  have likely heard — or become familiar with — the phrase “email is dead.” A quick Google search for phrase populates nearly 2 billion links to predictions that the channel is dying. The reality is quite the opposite; email notoriously averages strong return rates and helps brands establish relationships with their customers.

Across all age groups in the U.S. and the U.K., 84% of respondents check their email at least once a day, with the majority of people checking messages numerous times throughout the day.

Source: Twilio SendGrid

“Emails help people track what they’ve bought online, when orders will ship, alert them to sales and discounts, remind them what bills they have to pay, and provide updates about the brands they love. Email has become a part of their morning rituals and routines. Some even say they’re addicted to their email,” the study says.

On average, brands increased the average number of emails they sent. The increased number of messages sent corresponds with the drops in metrics including aggregate open and click rates and click-to-open rates.

Source: Twilio SendGrid

More on the news

  • In 2019, the number of clicks on mobile vs. non-mobile increased from 55.6% to 61.9% on mobile devices.
  • Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail were the top three most predominant inbox providers used by U.S. participants.
  • In both the U.S. and the U.K., respondents indicated that personalization is an important factor in creating memorable emails.

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