No, this is not another episode of Tanked, but something much grander in scale. Reynolds Polymer Technology Inc. (Grand Junction, CO), a global manufacturer of fully integrated, highly engineered acrylic solutions, announced that it has manufactured and completed the installation of a nearly 50-foot aquarium at the Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott hotel. The water feature is prominently displayed in the grand lobby as a central design element filled with nearly two thousand aquatic animals representing 90 different species.

Hong Kong Marriott aquarium
The acrylic cylinder measures 49 feet high and 20 feet wide. Image courtesy Reynolds Polymer Technology.

The salt-water-filled cylindrical tank comprises 14 individual pieces of acrylic bonded together with seven vertical bones and one horizontal bone in a monolithic structure. The aquarium spans three hotel floors, with the cylinder measuring 49 feet high and 20 feet wide; wall thickness is 7.5 inches.

“It’s been a true pleasure to see our highly engineered acrylic come to live in the Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott,” said Mark Johnson, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing. “With each project Reynolds is selected for, we grow in our capabilities and are able to demonstrate our innovative nature. This water feature provides guests with an engaging sea life view right within the Ocean Park facility. From vision to concept to execution, our experienced team goes above and beyond, and that couldn’t be more true with this undertaking.”

Michael Wong, Sales Director, Asia Pacific, at Reynolds Polymer Technology, stated that “Reynolds’ role in this project proves our ability to combine the latest technologies and techniques with extraordinary styles of design and attention to detail in manufacturing quality acrylic attractions.” The Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott hotel is “an impressive feat of design and architecture in its adoption of local elements, such as the ocean inspiration, as well as a strong focus on environmentally friendly practices,” Wong added.

Reynolds Polymer Technology has successfully completed more than 1,900 groundbreaking, large-scale exhibits, displays and experiences in 57 countries for internationally known brands including CNN, Disney, NASA and Apple.