Who doesn’t love a good logo parody? These clever graphic designers recreated logos belonging to some of the most famous brands, all for the sake of a good laugh. Whether you’re looking for some design inspiration or a little something to lift your mood, these logo parodies will surely do the trick. Fair warning, some of these will be hard to unsee!

1. Post-it

How many times have you lost or misplaced your sticky notes? If only we could keep better track of them…This hilariously relatable spoof on the Post-it notes brand logo is spot on.


Watch out, because the internet’s most popular acronym has taken over NASA’s logo! Warning, this branding is not safe for work.

3. Slack

When Slack released their new logo this year, designers had a lot of opinions to share. One in particular, was that the shapes making up the new logo resembled four ducks in a circle. This clever designer played into this even further.

4. Toyota

With the arrival of Disney Plus, Yoda has made quite the comeback—including in this parody logo! This spoof of Toyota’s branding poses the question, “What did Yoda say when I asked if we were lost?” The response is pure genius, “Off course, we are.”

5. Coca Cola

This hilarious parody of entrepreneur Johnny Cupcakes brand plays on the classic Coca Cola wordmark logo. Designer Corey Reifinger did an incredible job of replicating the iconic typography and incorporating it into an equally tasty word. Watch out Pepsi!

6. Levi’s

Show your love for the most popular jean brand Levi’s by rocking this awesome “BUTTS” enamel pin. Unfortunately, the pins are no longer for sale, but you can click on the Shot to see it in action!

7. McDonald’s

Move over Burger King, there’s a new fast-food king in town. McDonald’s just became a double threat with this logo design that brings Wendy’s into the picture. Because two fast-food chains is better than one!

8. iCloud

In this subtle logo parody, Apple’s iCloud logo turns into a motivational speech, “I could!”

9. UPS

U up? The infamous late night text message made it’s way onto the UPS logo and has us laughing for days. Well done, designer Clif Dickens.

10. Friends

What’s better than watching the beloved sitcom TV show Friends? Watching Friends while eating french fries, of course. To really get the point across, here’s this logo. We’d totally slap this on a t-shirt!

11. TMZ

The tabloid news sensation TMZ has got all of the hot celebrity gossip that we could all probably do without. It’s just a little too much information. TMI, TMZ.

12. Sherwin-Williams

The Sherwin-Williams paint supply company logo got a scary makeover! Instead of covering the earth in paint, Tarman from The Return of the Living Dead will eat the world instead.

13. Bacardi

Have you heard? Superstar rapper Cardi B is now the face of the popular rum brand Bacardi, according to this logo. With a name like that, it only makes sense these two came together!

14. Dawn

Does Dawn dish soap really get rid of the toughest stains? Damn straight, it does. If you’re not convinced, here’s a logo to prove it.

15. MTV

According to graphic designer Andrew Gregory, MTV just has too many commercials. His reaction to all of those ads? “Meh…”

16. AT&T

You can sign us up for this delicious phone provider. AT&T gets a clever redesign inspired by the favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Mobilize your lunch. Yum!

17. Krispy Kreme

If you’ve got a sweet spot for dark humor, you’ll enjoy this logo parody of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Krispy Kremated now offers funeral services in addition to delightful pastries. Quite the paradox isn’t it?


Replace one letter in the fashion magazine VOGUE’s classic wordmark logo, and you’ve got a completely new brand. VAGUE—the most unclear, indistinct content you’ll consume all year long.

19. Starbucks

Hipstarbucks: where all of the cool kids are getting their coffee fix these days. This hip rebrand of the iconic Starbucks coffee mermaid is only appropriate.

20. Jif

In an unexpected plot twist, the popular peanut butter brand Jif goes digital. You’ll have to click on this Shot to view the GIF animation in its full glory!

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