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We all need the inspiration boost from time to time. When you want to increase your creativity but you don’t have time to watch videos or flip the book pages, podcasts are a great option. With the rising popularity of this format, the new possibilities for learning and developing skills emerged. Whether you drive to your work, doing work-out or wait in line, podcasts are an ideal way to make the most of your time. Use your breaks and spare time to learn about the brand new design trends, new tools, and best practices or to discover some amazing resources for further knowledge upgrade. Also, from time to time, check out the works of WordPress designers on Dribble that set standards. If you don’t know which design podcasts you should bookmark instantly, here is a list of our favorites.

Design matters

As the name of this podcast suggests, the design really matters. Originally started as a terrestrial radio-style podcast, this podcast found its special place on iTunes where it has a broad audience. The show covers a wide variety of design topics so if you’re struggling with inspiration or simply want to enhance your knowledge, this is a good podcast to start with. Moreover, you will surely enjoy the relaxed approached of its host – Debbie Millman.

The Design of Business

Design is much more than creating visually-appealing solutions. It does not only shape products and brands, but shapes our decisions and ideas as well. If this design aspect is of your interest, prepare to dive into it with two exceptional experts – Jessica Helfand and Pentagram co-founder Michael Bierut (both designers and co-founders of Design Observer). Recorded at the Yale School of Management, this podcast welcomes professionals from many industries and designers in many fields.

Clever (Jaime Derringer and Amy Devers)


The design speaks the language we all understand. And, although designers have superpower to transform reality into magic, they are just human beings, like the rest of us. Clever is a podcast about designers, their talents, ideas, challenges and creative secrets. Hosted by Jaime Derringer (founder of Design Milk) and Amy Devers (a designer and Emmy-winning television personality), this podcast gathers big thinkers from famous companies like Google to freelancers. All of them share their thoughts about the human side of design and the influence designers have on the world.

The Deeply Graphic DesignCast

The Deeply Graphic DesignCast

This podcast is equally suitable for those at the beginning of their design career and experienced professionals. Each episode covers different graphic design-related topics such as brand strategy, client management, design elements, and more. What is great about this podcast is the fact listeners can submit questions that will be answered in every episode. Also, it has six different hosts based in different cities from LA to London. So, if you have any doubts or simply want to follow the latest actualities from the community, The Deeply Graphic DesignCast is for you.

The Honest Designers Show

The Honest Designers Show

The Honest Designers Show is all about honesty. Here you will be able to hear more about not-so-sexy side of the design industry. Episodes include interviews with design gurus, practical professional bits of advice and useful tips for getting your design career started. The show is hosted by four amazing designers – Tom Ross, Ian Barnard, Lisa Glanz, and Dustin Lee. If you prefer podcasts with straight-talk style, prepare to tune in.

99% Invisible

With 99% Invisible, inspiration is at your fingertips. As one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes, this show is a great reservoir of ideas for any creative. When you need a fresh perspective on how design and architecture shape our world, this is the right place to be. Hosted by Roman Mars, this podcast is available on RadioPublic, via RadioPublic, via RSS and through other apps.

The Design Better Podcast

The Design Better Podcast

Behind every world-class design project is a unique process of careful planning, creative thinking and execution. In case you need some piece of advice in this field, don’t forget to check out InVision’s Design Better podcast. Hosted by industry pioneer – Aarron Walter and Eli Woolery, both of whom have an impressive list of clients, this podcast is a holy grail for every creative. In case you want to improve relationships in your organization, better organize your workflow or to learn how to incorporate great storytelling into your processes, hit the Play button.

Method Podcast from Google Design

Method Podcast from Google Design

Made right there in Google’s kitchen, this podcast gives listeners an inside look at the role of design at the world’s largest search engine. If you want to hear more about Google’s hiring process, their workshops, design methods, and more, start checking out Method regularly. As host, Travis Neilson will make sure you have a lot of fun along the way.

Design Life

This is one of the best design podcasts for a reason. Created to offer an unlimited source of inspiration for all freelance designers. If you work as a freelancer and deal with the challenges of remote work, you might need some practical tips from time to time. Hosted by two amazing women –Charli Marie and Femke – Design Life throws the light on the issues young creatives face and offers solutions for common design mistakes.

The Crazy One (Stephen Gates)

The Crazy One

Want to learn from the expert that shared his knowledge with the world’s most innovative companies like Apple, Google, Nike, AirBnB, Amazon, WeWork, Disney, The Home Depot and more? This podcast is for you. Here, Stephen Gates shares some great insights on leadership, confidence, collaboration, and many more useful tips designer can apply. So, if you want to create more innovative work or strengthen your bonds with clients or colleagues, Gates will be the perfect mentor you can learn from. Just tune in and enjoy amazing episodes from The Crazy One.

With so many great podcasts out there, it seems that we live in the golden era of this format. Nowadays you can not only enjoy the quality talks but watch the majority of them in video form. So, whenever you need a little creative push or relevant advice, you can tune in. We hope our list of the best design podcasts will inspire you to dig deeper! Enjoy!

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