Microsoft was founded in 1975 and has an incredible legacy of software that permeates
every nook and cranny of computing. As you can imagine for a company over forty years old,
they’ve moved on from a lot of things when they saw better opportunities. As they say, innovation doesn’t
always follow a straight line.

What follows is a nostalgic graveyard of sorts. This is a list of all the software, hardware, and
services we could find that
Microsoft sunset at some point,
without producing direct descendant follow-on versions that were a straightforward replacement
for the end-user.
Many of these are remembered with fond memories!

Some of these products were simply shut down
and never heard from again.
Some were were deprecated and had various features moved into adjacent
software platforms, leaving the old software to become obsolete and eventually unsupported.

The products are broken out into specific categories, sorted by year of discontinuation.
A lot of research went into creating this catalog, but as you can imagine,
information can be hard to find about many of Microsoft’s early applications — especially those
from the 1970s and 1980s.
Please contact us if you have
more items to add to the list, or discover inaccuracies. Thanks!

This page is a work in progress and more products are being added constantly as
we work through our backlog of research and notes.

Total: 343 Microsoft products shut down.

Last updated December 10, 2019.